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Our Little Cupcake - 1yr - Cupcake Centerpieces



December 2009


Dana in Senatobia, MS  United States

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Cupcake Party

For my 1 year old's first birthday I did a cupcake theme.

The invitation was shaped like a cupcake, pink of course and said our little cupcake is turning one! Along with all the necessary party info. I printed her own return address labels with a cupcake on them and her name with our address.

For decorations I used pink and purple theme. I found cute plates, napkins, cups, goody boxes, and a personalized Happy Birthday Banner that had the pink/purple cupcake them with the 1st birthday logo. The goodies I put inside where different things I found that had a cupcake on them (a keychain, pencil, kaleidescope, candy, etc.)

I had the party in the multi purpose room of our church. I put white tablecloths on round tables and then found bright pink material, pink tulle, and purple tulle to use as runners on the tables. The center-pieces were giant cupcakes that I made. I took light brown card stock paper and fan folded it (I had to put a couple pieces together) then I formed it into a cylinder. It was as big round as a paper plate. Then I took white pillow filler and arranged on the top of the paper cylinder. I formed the cylinders around a cake plate/pedestals so that the pillow filler would sit on the top. Then I found some small neon sparkly pom poms and arranged them on top so they looked like sprinkles.

I also make placemats for the kids out of felt. I used brown felt for the bottom, white and pink felt for the frosting" tops and then I used the same sparkly poms to glue to the tops to look like sprinkles. I made confetti using bright colored card stock and a hole puncher and sprinkled this all over the table tops. I took pictures of my one year old taken throughout her first year and put them in clear plastic frames and put them around on the tables as well.

Her cake was a giant cupcake made with the Wilton cupcake pan. It had bright pink frosting and I used the bright colored Mike and Ike's scattered around the top to look like large sprinkes. On the top was a pink 1. 

For the kids they got to decorate their own cupcake. I made plain cupcakes in different flavors and placed them in the middle of a kiddie table I covered with butcher paper. I had several different sprinkles in bright colored bowls along with bowls of different colored frosting. I used my girls' small plastic tea set knives for the kids to spread icing with.

I made t-shirts for the guests to wear while making their cupcakes so they wouldn't get their clothes messy. To do this I bought child sized plain white t-shirts and make t-shirt transfers on my computer. The graphic was a cupcake with one candle on it. The kids got to take these home as a gift after the party.

On the wall beside the cupcake decorating table I put a poster I painted that had a cupcake with a single candle on top and her name across the bottom of the cupcake. I found single cupcake boxes that were bright pink striped for the kids to put their finished cupcakes in to take home.

For the birthday girls outfit she had a pink gingham suit with an appliqued cupcake that was embroidered with her name. the bow she wore also had a cupcake in the middle. I had a child's chef's hat that was the shape of a cupcake and I had it embroidered "I'm one". I found plastic drinking cups with lids and straws that had the changeable liners around the outside of the cup. I printed liners with each child's name along with a cupcake that said "Emery's 1st birthday" on it. These were helpful because there were small children there that could not use a big kids cup and since they had their names on them they didn't get mixed up. They also took these home as a happy.

The food table had bright pink plastic table clothes cupcake shaped balloons pink and purple balloons pictures of the birthday girl along with birthday hats. I also found a "1" pinata to place on the table for decoration. I served chicken tenders french fries chips and slaw(there were as many adults here as children)

The gift table was against the wall with the Happy Birthday Emery banner behind it. Her high chair was decorated with pink "1" balloon and pink and purple balloons with "1st birthday" on them. I used the kids cupcake chef apron I already had to wrap around the back of the chair. I got a bib with an appliqued cupcake on it and I had it emboidered with her full name and her actual birthdate on it. I kept this as a keepsake.

For her cup I used one of the sippy cups that had the changable liners and I made her a liner that said Emery is one. I made myself and my mother a cupcake t-shirt as well with t-shirt transfers. The kids had a great time decorating their cupcakes and it made for a great group picture to see all of them with the t-shirts on."

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