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Cupcake - 4yr - Ceramic Cupcake Decorating



February 2010


Monique in McKinney, TX


Cupcake Party

For my daughters 4th birthday we decided to have a cupcake themed party.

First, I handmade the invitations, using scrapbooking materials, and used a die-cut of a cupcake, decorated it with sprinkles and a cherry on top and cut curly letter's to spell my daughters name.

For decorations, we had pink and green streamers, balloons and table cloths with multicolored hearts (mainly pink and green)As the kids arrived, the girls were given handmade tutu's to wear and the boys handmade capes. (Everyone loves dress up).

The first activity was to decorate your own crown (I bought crowns in several colors plus jewels at oriental trading company).

Once everyone arrived, we moved in to the kitchen and the kids painted ceramic cupcake shaped piggy banks. (also purchased from oriental trading company)Each child received a cupcake box (it had a heart shaped cut out on the top where the cupcake stuck out the top), with their ceramic cupcake inside. On the table, were silicone cupcake liners filled with acrylic paints for the kids to use. They had a blast.

While the cupcakes were drying, the kids all went outside to jump on the trampoline.

We then moved in to the dinning room, where the kids had a choice of blue, pink, green or purple cupcakes to decorate. I had a cupcake pan on the table, with various colored sprinkles in each cupcake holder. The kids had 5 different colored frosting as well as M&M's and white chocolate chips to decorate their real cupcakes.

When then played pin the cherry on the cupcake. My son and I had made a large cupcake on a poster board, and cut out cherries in red construction paper. The kids loved the game.

It was then cake and ice cream time. We had a chocolate cake from costco, that was decorated with the littlest petshop animal that came with a 1/2 eaten toy cupcake. It was a wonderful party, all the kids and grown ups enjoyed it. The kids left the party with a cape or tutu, and cupcake piggy banks.

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