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Curious George (2-4yr) George Say Game (Simone Says)



May 2008


Leslie in Mt. Holly, NC  USA

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Curious George Party

We had a WONDERFUL Curious George party recently that I just had to share.  This party is based on the PBS series and not so much on the movie.  We used some ideas from this website & sprinkled in a few of our own to create a wonderful day!

INVITATION: A friend of mine made the invitations for us with rubber stamps.  There was a set of stamps in the $1 section at Target and she used those on the front and then put the following words on the inside:  Are you CURIOUS what everyone is going BANANAS over?  Please join us to celebrate the birthdays of Isaac and Aaron ________.  Saturday, May 10th, 3:00-5:00 in our home for FUN, FUN. and MORE FUN!!  Please wear old clothes as we plan to get into MISCHIEF and get MESSY, weather permitting!!Please RSVP so we'll know to expect you.  We sent out 13 invites, but in that, we were expecting 27 kids ranging in age from 4 months to 11 years old.  Fortunately, all parents stayed so we had plenty of adult hands to help out!

DECORATIONS: We decorated the whole house in red, blue, yellow, and green streamers and bunches of balloons tied to bananas.  The birthday boys decided to have cake & ice cream first, so we started with that.  I purchased a cake from the local store.  We searched high and low for a George cake, but in the end, my sons abandoned the George cake idea for a dinosaur cake - it's their party, right?  And doesn't George break his leg by climbing on a dinosaur at the museum once?

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The kids then joined me in our playroom to play a quick game of George Says (Simon Says) & then we gave some pointers for stations outside.  We then went into the yard for some mischief.  We used washable tempera paint and sponge brushes to paint on newsprint strung along the fence (George and the Jungle Room on TV show). 

We contacted our local Chick-fil-a restaurant and they gave us a few cupholders to help with keeping the cups of paint upright.  We also had some soccer goals and balls set up (George and Charkie TV show).  We then had the sandbox filled with fresh sand (George builds a sand castle at the beach) along with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and the playground set. Of course, the side show was the older kids catching ladybugs.  It was great fun & no one complained of the heat or argued at all.  Plenty to keep everyone busy!

SNACKS: Food-wise, we had cake & ice cream, animal crackers, snack mix (grandma's specialty with cheetos, popcorn, teddy grahams, chex cereal, & banana chips in honor of George), banana tropical slush punch, and other drinks.  I purchased George napkins, red plates, blue & yellow utensils, & green and blue cups.

ACTIVITIES/FAVORS: After playing outside for a while, we came inside for the birthday boys to open presents.  While that was going on, a couple friends hid candy and trinkets all over the back yard for a treasure hunt (George & the pirate ship TV episode).  We hid bracelets, plastic magic wands, candy (non chocolate to avoid melting), spinning tops, and other trinkets. We wanted to do a pinata, but didn't have trees to hang it from & felt some of the littler ones might be too little for that, so we did the treasure hunt instead. 

As the kids were treasure hunting in the backyard, the adults brought out goodie boxes (solids -  rainbow colors from Oriental Trading).  Each child got to choose a goodie box & I wrote their name on it - inside they put their treasures from the party and we had already put in a few of our favorite things" - punch balloons whirlygigs (propellers) & mini-coloring book crayon sets (Oriental Trading - safari animal theme) and Ring Pops.   

Everyone had a great time from the youngest to the grandparents. - Show quoted text -"

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