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Curious George -1yr- George Goes To The Circus



May 2002


Jennifer in New Holland PA USA

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Curious George Party

My son is turning one and we are having a curious George goes to the circus party.

I am sending out personalized invitations that have my son and curious George swinging from a trapeze.  I had a person draw these up for me, I will then make copies on colored paper at my local staples. My son is holding a ball with the number one on it and curious George holding a banner giving the people all the info. Included in the invites will be a admit one ticket that will be given to the ticket booth upon arrival at the party.

The kids tickets will be put into a bucket to have door prizes awarded throughout the party. I have made games such as throw the bean bag threw curious George's mouth, ring the soda, pin the ball under curious George's feet, balloon relays and more.

I also am making centerpieces of curious George (from the story of him taking the guys balloons and flying through the air) he will be actually holding the balloons that I am going to tie around his hands. I will have popcorn and cotton candy for the kids at the concession stand. When the kids arrive they will get a goody bag to collect their prizes from the games that I bought off of oriental trading company. In these bags are coupons I made on the computer for the cotton candy and popcorn so I can assure that all the kids get one serving of the treats.

I am having 54 kids and 50 adults. We have rented the local fire hall to hold all the people. The menu will be circus style food hotdogs, bbq sandwiches, nachos, baked beans, chips, pretzels, bbq chicken wings, punch soda and iced tea.

I am making the cake myself. I saw in the wilton book under boys cakes a circus cake that is two cakes underneath and then a clown separator holding another round cake on top, however I am going to make them hold up a ball like the one curious George uses in his stories. I will have balloons all over for decorations and a balloon canopy that I am making for over the cake table this will connect with two columns made out of balloons.

I made up coloring books for the kids to take home with them and have included a set of crayons in the goodybags. This coloring book has pictures of curious George at the circus on top of his ball and with all he circus animals, I found these online and printed and made copies. I then made a cover saying thanks for coming to maurices first. Curious Maurice turns one!! In my fiance's tradition the people coming get a "capia" to pin on all the guests and I had ribbons printed for this that say "curious maurice turns one" that will get attached to a picture that I had taken of him with a number one, you know all those little petite pictures taken and given to you in those portrait packages and you wonder what to do with them well I have decided to use them for this.

This will be a cute reminder of the party and the fun everyone had. We are getting a DJ to play music and I have a circus music CD that will play throughout out the game time.

I have put a lot of thought into his first and started planning this in December, the date is for July 6th. I will keep you posted on next years event and its theme.  Talk to you then.

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