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Curious Party -2yr- Circus Tent Living Room



July 2006


Amy in Brookhaven, PA  USA


Curious George Party

For my son's 2nd birthday this August we're planning a Curious George party.  We saw the movie earlier this year and loved it! 

I'm using some ideas I got from this site like using bananas to weight the balloons.  We're decorating with the primary colors (red,yellow,and blue).  I plan to use streamers in those colors to create a circus tent look in our living room, and I borrowed a Curious George video from our local library to show in that room.  This may be a good escape from the heat for some of the little ones. 

I've ordered many monkey things from oriental trading co.  A tissue palm tree centerpiece with a monkey hanging on it, monkey tattoos which we'll offer to the children at the party, bean bag monkeys which we'll use to decorate then give away as party favors.

We're keeping the food simple.  OTC had monkey toothpicks, we ordered them to use in cut up fruit which always a hit at a hot summer party.  Our main dish will be pizza b/c it's easy and a kid favorite. 

For dessert, birthday cake of course.  I found a recipe for a cake that looks like the big yellow hat the man wears.  The idea is to prop a stuffed curious george beside the cake.  so cute!  In addition to cake, we'll be using all those bananas (from the balloon weights) to make banana splits for anyone who would like one.  We may have enough bananas left over to send one home with each child and their stuffed monkey. 

My favorite thing about this party so far is the invitation.  I found a coloring page on the houghton mifflin website.  It had George peeking out from under the big hat.  I printed it and added text above it which read:  Curious about Aaron's birthday?  On the back I typed such things as:  We're celebrating Aaron's 2nd birthday.  We'd go bananas if you could join us.  Join us for some backyard monkey business. My older son, who is 6 years old, really liked the invitation because we involved him by having him color each one. 

They are turning out so cute!  And he feels like an important part of the party planning. I took a picture of Aaron with a bunch of bananas beside him and he was eatting one of the bananas.  We're scanning that picture and printing it with the caption:  Our little monkey is turning 2!  These will be folded into the invitation.

About that backyard monkey business since this is a party for young children I'm planning to set up activities Aaron loves and just let them go play.  Aaron loves sport balls of all kinds.  We are dividing our yard into sport areas.  His tee ball set will be in one section, his soccer net and ball in another, his little golf set in another, and a little football set we're buying him for his birthday in another. His basketball net and ball will be set up on the driveway. 

I'll be getting sport balloons to decorate each area of the yard.  In another area of the yard we'll have the baby pool and a water slide and sprinkler set up so everyone can keep cool.

My older son wants to dress up like curious george for the kids. I think wearing a monkey costume in August will be a little hot.  Instead I'll be getting a curious george t-shirt for each of us to wear at the party. 

There are many to choose from on the web. We're looking forward to a great party!

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