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Disney Princess 3yr - Princess Photo Invite



February 2001


Lisa in Garden Grove, CA - USA

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Disney Princess Party

For my Daughter's 3rd birthday we had a Disney Princess Theme. 

For the invitations we took her out to Disneyland and had her picture taken with each of the different Princesses with our digital camera then I cropped and placed each picture onto the card using one of my card programs on my computer.  I made my daughter a princess gown and matching "cone" hat.  I myself wore a princess gown (a prior bridesmaids dress) and made myself a matching "cone" hat. 

For the decorations, I went to and there they have poster size prints of some of the princesses that you can print off on your computer, so I printed these, cut them out and hung them on the patio wall. 

My patio is enclosed with a picket fence, so I took a large roll of white paper and attached this all around the border of the fence, and cut squares out around the top, so it would look like the top of a castle wall.  I used brown poster paint and gave the paper a "brick" look.

For the gate and covered this too with paper and painted this look like the drawbridge. For each of the five patio post, I attached paper to this to create the "towers" of the castle.  The top of each "tower" I cut into point.

I also painted "bricks" on the towers and each tower I painted a window and taped a picture of each princess, so as to look like they were looking out of the windows.  I printed these pictures off of too.  The inside of patio I decorated with lots of pink & white streamers & balloons.  I purchased the Disney princess party plates, napkins, cups, etc. thorough at a reasonable price. 

For the cake a made six round cakes, and frosted these a light pink.  I purchased the Disney princess stencil kit (also online) and placed a different princess stencil ontop of each cake and used colored sugar sprinkles to sprinkle over the stencil and when the stencil is lifted from the cake you have a picture of a princess ontop.  I also made cupcakes for each girl and placed a red candy rose in the center of each cupcake.  This represented the rose from Beauty & the Beast. 

For games we played pin the crown on the princess and princess bingo (both courtesy from the party package).  I also printed pictures of the different princesses on index cards, but only one picture of Cinderella. With these, I hide them throughout the backyard (like an Easter egg hunt) and we told the girls that prince charming needed to find Cinderella so he could give her  glass slipper and whoever found her would win. 

Another game we played, I took a small round trash can and covered it to look like a wishing well, I took ping pong balls and wrote "wishes" on them and the child that got the most "wishes" into the well won.  I had purchased the CD of Disney Princess songs and we played this music throughout the party.  We also had a piƱata of a dragon that we had to "slay" to free the candy. 

In each of the goodie bags, I gave each child toy rings, bracelets, necklaces, a small "glass" slipper, princess stickers and of course candy.  All the girls ages 2 to 8 had a great time!

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