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Princess Party 1yr - Bibbety Bobbety Bingo



January 2007


Chanin in Hennepin, IL 61327

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Disney Princess Party

This party idea was for a 1 year old girl.  We started out sending invitations that we had made ourselves with princess Belle on them and had worded it like it was from the royal family and they needed to R.S.V.P to the royal King or Queen.  We wanted all the kids and adults to dress up for the party. 

Outside our house we had set up a rocking horse which tied up with constuction paper rope to a wooden bridge which everyone had to walk over to get into the house.  When the guests walked inside we had a red carpet which we used plastic red table cloth. All the lights were out in entry room. At the beginning of the carpet, I had used wrapping rolls covered in gold paper and put it into a bucket of sand to hold it up and on top of roll I put in a flashlight and covered it with yellow see-through wrapping paper, which I had markered it with red to make it look like flames.  I wrapped the flashlight with paper and inserted it in the tube and turned on the flashlight. I also had taken white sheets and thumbtacked them on the ceiling to make it look elegant and I hung blue christmas light like you would hang outside house. 

I hung glow in the dark stars up on the ceiling and behind the sheets I had a cd player, playing someday my prince well come.  And at the end of the red carpet was a wishing well water fountain(it stands about 5 feet tall), which I usually have outside.  And I put the flame flashlights at end of carpet too.  At end of carpet in the next room, was a sign-in book where guest signed a book and were to write something special to the birthday girl.

As the guests came up the stairs, I had pictures of all the princess and their prince.  Each one of the upstairs rooms had a theme. We had made signs in each room like poisoned apple, which we had tied apples on a string and hung from the ceiling and the first one to take a bite from the swinging apple won. We had set up a section for the little girls to play around that was titled mirror, mirror on the wall. We had dress up clothes, a vanity with a mirror and different jewelery. I had made a fake mirror that glowed in the dark with the beasts picture on it, like Belle had in the movie that she could see her beast with. 

While we waited for all the guests to arrive we had the kids make their crowns which I had went to Burger King and spray painted them gold.  The kids decorated their crowns with foam stickers and jewels.  They also got to color prince and princess pictures.

We played bibbety bobbety bingo. Which we had taken pictures from different princess movies on the card and we drew out the picture for Bingo. We gave the adults and older kids puzzles to do like word search, or a questionaire game like how many dwarfs were there, what was the fairy godmothers name that like the pink dress,etc.  As each kid finished their crowns we took a picture of them in the castle I had made. 

I made the castle from a washer box (which one can get from a departent store, if they are asked).  I had spray painted the castle silver and took black marker and made bricks and drew grass with a green marker.  Inside the castle I had spray glued shiny red wrapping paper. I then put up Belle dancing with the beast and other princesses dancing and I put up twinkle lights up inside to light it up.  I had a little chair I covered in red velvet cloth.  I had made a draw bridge so if the kids wanted to they could put up the string and close the castle door.  We took pictures of all the kids in the crowns and had fake jewels for them to wear which they got to keep.  We sent all the kids their pictures to them in the mail a couple days later. 

We had several games.  We had pin the crown on the princesses(we had different height princess for all our age groups) and we had like a bozo the bucket game but ours was alladin makes his wishes which we wrote wishes on the golf plastic balls.  The buckets were easter princess easter buckets that were bought after easter.  We had the little mermaid room, Fishing for dinglehoopers, which we had taken a very large plastic container and taped brown paper bags in strips on the container to look like a boat.  The children sat in the boat and held a fishing rod with a magetic end on it and put paperclips onto plastic forks and also put paperclips on evil pictures of the queen from the little mermaid.  The goal was not to get the pictures and get the dinglehoppers. 

In another room we had jar filled with dried peas and people had to guess how many there were. This was for the princess and the pea. The peas take awhile to count.  We hung several pictures of princesses, princes, the evil queens, and other characters around the house. In the Ball Room which we had streamers hanging down from the doors so it was like a hidden room. We had signs up that said Join us in the West Wing.

We had the cake(which my sister-in-law made).  We had a 13x9 pan then took 3 round pans on top and made it look like a castle.  She colored the 13x9 green like grass and we put up fake trees on it and horses standing outside castle. We took beast and had him stand at one of the windows which we had made. In each window was a picture.  We put the birthday girl in one, the grandmas, the aunts and the mom.  It looked great. 

When the kids won the games they got to take a treasure out of the treasure box, which I had made. I took a cardboard box with a lid, like an office one.  And I wrapped it in shiny green wrapping paper.  I fastened the lid with wires so that it would stay open at a tilt.  I also wrapped inside of it.  Inside I put gold coins, jewels, necklaces, plastic bugs and snakes, gummies, packages of chips, squirt guns, bubbles, crayons, etc. It was the Cave of Wonders. The winner got to pick 2 prizes and the others got to pick one prize.  I had taken a big red rose and hung it inside a plastic container and put rose petals on the bottom of it and scented it with rose smell and set it on the table for decorations like in beauty and the beast.  The kids also got to decorate their own door hanging signs. 

When it came time for the birthday girl to dig into her own little cake, we had found princess decorations for high chairs and she wore a crown and it even came with a floor saver mat that had happy birthday princess on it.  As the guests left, we had made thank you letters and rolled them up and tied them with a ribbon and had them placed in a basket, so we gave them a letter and they loved it. It had Belle's picture on it and the letter was written in a royal way. We had so much stuff for the kids to do, the kids didn’t want to ever leave. 

The adults had fun with all the activities we had for them.  They had word search, hard questions to answer about the different films, hide a word.  When the kids left they each got a treat bag, they had their crowns, jewels, door hangers, and their prizes.  They said they wanted me to plan their parties from now on.  The word search and mazes I had the guests do I had found on a website that you just type in the different words and it makes one for you.  The pictures for bingo I had cut out of valentine cards I had bought after valentines day. 

The invitations and thank you letters ,I had made on a website that was free and then made one copy and went to staples to make copies. The foam stickers and door hangers and found at walmart in craft section. The prizes were bought at a dollar store or after holiday sales. We had served hotdogs from the grill, ham sandwiches, chips and dip, baked beans, olives, pickles, veggies and dip, fruits, ice cream and cake.  We wanted stuff that was easy for the kids to eat and enjoy.

The party was a blast for everyone of all ages.

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