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Frog Party -3yr- Hopping Race



May 2002


Shawna in Van Buren, AR, USA

Honorable Mention

Frog Party

Frog Party  My three year old daughter (yes, a girl) loves frogs. 

We have bought frog invitations, plates and napkins and used bright green and purple as the colors for the table cloths, napkins, plasticwear, balloons etc.  (purple and green look great together but if it is for a little boy then you might choose a bright blue with the green, it would look good also) 

For the cake I am making a double layered cake and frosting it with blue icing and using a cake decorating comb to make it look wavy on the sides and then decorating it with candy fish on the sides.  On the top of the cake I am piping green icing just around the edges so it will look like the edge of the pond and then I am going to cut out a lily pad out of a green fruit roll-up and place a small frog on it.   

We bought beads that have frogs on them and then pony beads in green and purple.  I found elastic beading cord for the kids to string the beads on, this way it can fit over their heads with ease.    At each place setting we are putting a bubble-blower party favor (like they use at weddings) with bright green curling ribbon and a tag with the child's name on it attached.   

For snacks we are having mini chicken legs (usually found at the grocery by the "buffalo wings")  These will be "frog legs".  We will also serve a dill dip with cucumber and celery sticks.  (all green veggies!) We are serving limeade with flycubes, which are icecubes with a raisin frozen in it.   

We are going to hold a frog hopping race where the kids have to hop to one end of the yard and tag their friend, the friend hops back, etc.   We live in a rural area and will also be catching frogs the week before the party to have a real frog race.   

We are also going to make a frog toss game.  At a local teacher supply store I found great die-cut frogs with 35 frogs in the packet. (like they use for bulletin boards) These are going to be glued to posterboard (about five frogs per board) and numbered.  You can then make beanbags or  put beans or sand in a balloon.  The kids can then toss the beanbags and the score is determined by which numbers their beanbags land on.

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