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Un-Frogettable Party -1yr- Pin Frog on Lily Pad



May 2007


Denise in Columbia, SC USA


Frog Party

For my daughter's first birthday I wanted something outdoors.  I decided to do a frog party.  

The invitation read:   Leap on over to our pad...For Katie's TOADily Awesome 1st Birthday...Ribbet your regrets to... 

Decorations:  Because it was outdoors I kept the decorations to balloons that were light and dark green and light and dark blue and similar colored tablecloths. 

Activities:  The two games I had were Pin the frog on the lily pad" and "Drop the fly in the frog's mouth" (this was a clothes pin game that kids had to drop 5 clothes pins into the mouth of a frog covering a bucket. 

I also had a sand and water table bubbles balls paper and coloring sheets on a picnic table and other toys for the kids to play with outside.   

Food:  Since I choose it to be around dinner time I had hotsdogs and hamburgers chips fruit and popsicles.  The cake was made to look like a pond with a frog sitting in the middle on a lily pad. 

Favors:  Plastic sand pails with a frog face pasted on the front made out of foam (already pre-made at Michael's Arts and Craft store).  Inside the bucket were bouncing ball with a frog inside a foam frog mask frog tattoos pinwheels and a rubber water squirting frog.  Kids also got to take home a balloon that I tied to their buckets. 

Age range: 1-5 year olds with a total of 9 kids.  "

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