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Frogs! Frogs! -4yr- Frog Legs (Chicken Fingers)



July 2004


katherine in Germantown, Wi

Honorable Mention

Frog Party

I was sad to see that the site did not have any ideas for a frog party.  So after hours of thinking (mostly in the car in between errands), my family & I came up with the following ideas for my son's fourth birthday.

FROGS! FROGS! And more FROGS. INVITATIONS: Sent out lilly pads cut out of green construction paper.  On it we wrote "Hop on over to Nick's Pad four it's a Party!!"  Also included in the envelope a small foam frog with a magnet placed on the back. We put the child's name on the magnet. We also made address labels with frogs to place on the front of the card.

DECORATIONS:we decorated our garage to look like a Rainforest. We used artificial trees (our own & neighbors), grape vines, sheets and anything jungleish to camouflage the garage.  We then placed frogs we had or purchased for garage sales, yard sales, etc all over too!!. We even had two motion sensitive frogs hanging from the trees & one giant stuffed frog "driving" a jeep.  The tables were covered with green & white table cloths with toy frogs from the dollar store all over them.  

CAKE: A 3-D frog sitting on a lilly pad.  I used the Wilton Teddy bear mold.  The ears became eyes (used half a big marshmallow) and I used half a paper towel roll to be the arms (starred frosting on it). We served the cake on plasic dishwasher safe frog shaped plate (purchased at Discount party supply store for a dollar.)We washed up the plate & the kids got to take them home.  

FOOD: Frog legs (chicken fingers), flys on a log (peanut butter on celery with raisans on top), goldfish, gummie frogs and frog and fly gut sanwiches (pb&j). The kids drank frog juice (lemonade)served in frog sipper cup (purchased from discount party supply store for $.49)Washed them out & sent home with the kids.

GAMES: As the kids arrived had them coloring frog pictures and facts printed off the internet.  Musical toad stools,& leap frog. Throw the frog on the lilly pad/toad stool.  Used sons's kiddy pool to catch frogs (plastic bath toy frogs) with a frog net- all of witch the kids got to keep. Played a couple frog games found at yard sales.

Took the kids on a frog hunt around the pond in our backyard.  Read "Who put a frog in the kitchen sink" and other frog related books.  

PARTY FAVORS: In addition to the above mentioned items, also had goodie bags filled with beany frog, a candy filled frog, and a foam frog visor (made from plain green foam visor bought at Michael's, used extra green foam for eyes, tongue, etc). We placed all the kids names on as much as possible to avoid confusion at the end of the party and to know who forgot their favor. 

It may sound like a lot but it's easy if you plan ahead.  My son had an awesome time & enjoyed going to the store, yard sale etc, to help look for the frog stuff.  It was a great time at the party but even more having my son be a part of it. He's even looking forward to helping plan his brother's train party!!!!

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