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Addicted to Frogs -1yr- Lily Pad Cake



January 2005


Danyelle in Greeley, Co  USA

Honorable Mention

Frog Party

I am addicted to frogs, therefore my son's first birthday party is a frog theme.  His birthday party is on a very tight budget and we are limited on party games due to the age of our guests. 

First I made a cake that was just for him.  I used a small circle cake pan to make the cake, then I cut a section out of it to resemble the shape of a lily pad.  I used green frosting to decorate it and a darker green to make the "veins" of the lily pad.  I then bought a larger sized plastic frog (bath toy) to place on top of it. 

I made a larger sheet cake for everone else that I decorated to look like a little lake with frogs.  I decorated part of it with blue frosting (the water) surrounded by green grass.  I used green fruit roll ups cut like lily pads with little gummy frogs on top of them.  I used crushed graham crackers for some sand and chocolate candy rocks to accent parts of the cake. 

The swampy punch was the best part!   I found some suckers that were oblong yellow and white clear on a plastic stick that looked really great for pussy willows.  I then took a short glass vase put the suckers in and filled with water then froze (the day before the party).  The day of the party I placed it in the punch bowl. (the frozen water to weigh it down)  In the punch bowl I used lime sherbert with 7up so it looked "swampy"  and the pussy willows were in the middle with little plastic frogs floating atop.  

We also had some snack food, fly dip (black bean dip) with chips, frog eyed salad. And frog log mix (chex mix, extra pretzels).  I also had set out a bowl filled with green m&m's in the center was another plastic frog.  I also found green flat melty mints, I cut those a little to resemble lily pads.  

Since I  had young guests my games and activities had to be simple.  I filled our water table and placed frogs with numbers under each one, the number they picked matched the number on a green gift bag decorated with a frog and filled with some candy and a little green frog.  All the bags were basically the same to prevent any arguments.  

For some of my older kids I had bought the stretchy frogs from oriental trading and we had a frog flinging contest who could get theirs the furthest. Once again a frog gift bag for all the contestants.

The birthday invitation was a frog with a little wooden sign in front reading "Hop on over to my pad".  I cut the frog from green card stock and made a slit where the mouth is,  Hanging out of the frogs mouth was part of his tongue and attatched at the end was a fly, on the fly it said "pull"  when you pulled on the fly the rest of the tongue came out of his mouth with all the birthday party details written on it.

I glued on the craft wiggly eyes for an added "cute" factor. It was a great party and since my son's birthday is right after christmas I was able to buy green paper plates and cups and plastic table covers on sale for cheap.  I also bought the christmas m&m's (also after christmas and on sale) and picked out all the green ones.

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