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Frogs & Snails -1yr- Green Sherbert & Soda



July 2006


Tammy in Evadale, TX , U.S.A.


Frog Party

What are little boys made of? Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.   

I ordered my invitations from The invitation had frogs,snails, and puppy dogs on a border. 

Inside the message read: Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Trucks and trains and construction cranes.  Oh what fun, Kelton's turning one!   I had a cake decorated to resemble the birthday invitation. The colors were soft blue, green, and yellow. 

For the food table, I used a blue table cloth. This was my pond.  I took a dome shaped piece of styrofoam and covered it with Easter grass.  I then stuck cooked corn dogs into the styrofoam and called them cat tails.  I took round croisants and made chicken salad sandwiches for the adults. 

These were the snails.  I used melba toast and buttered them with a green cream cheese dip(use food coloring) with a raisin on top.  This will look like a lilly pad with a fly on top.  I made labels for all the food. 

Desert table: I took strawberry and chocolate store bought jelly roll cakes and cut them into slices.  When cut, the swirl pattern inside looks like a snail.  I had a bowl of gummy frogs, a bowl of raisins (flies)and sugar cookies shaped like dog bones. I also had clear cups filled with blue jello and gummy frogs. 

I had two kinds of punch.  One was a green sherbet and lemon-lime soda mix.  This makes a foamy punch and I called it swamp water.  I served this one with the cake.  The other punch I served with the food.  It was a green Kool-aid with frozen raisins in it. I called it frog juice.

Games: pin the shell on the snail-I made this out of poster board. Leap frog, frog hopping race, and a dog bone toss into a dog bowl.  I just used regular dog biscuits and a clean dog bowl.  I gave each child 10 seconds to toss the biscuits into the bowl.  The one who got the most in - wins.

The gift bags were plain brown lunch sacks with each child's name printed outside and tied with rafia.  paw prints, frogs, and snails were stamped on the outside.  I gave each child candy rocks, gummy frogs, and snack bag of flies (raisins) and a sugar cookie dog bone. 

I also included make them yourself dog masks bought from a party supply store.

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