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Frogs & Snails -1yr- Puppy Dog Photos



August 2006


Sandy in Baton Rouge, LA  USA


Frog Party

For my sons 1st birthday I chose the theme "Frogs & Snails & Puppydog Tails". 

For the invitation, I printed on card stock a border I found of whimiscal frogs and puppydogs with flower pots on their heads dancing around.  I had an overlay on which I printed the party information.  For the time I put 2:00 until Nap Time! 

For decorations I had huge clusters of balloons in the colors of the invitations which was red, an turqouise blue and yellow.  I printed out puppy paws and lily pads and had those all over the floor of our patio, on the patio tables and at the gate entrance of our driveway.  I found a frog piniata and cut out the middle and filled it with bright fresh spring color flowers. 

This was the centerpiece on the main table. I had colored tiny confetti sprinkled all over the white table cloths on all the tables.  I had clusters of balloons scattered throughout. I decorated a small table with a white tablecloth and decorated it with a whimsical puppy dog, handpainted snail that I found at Kirklands and a wooden handpainted frog. 

I had a framed collage of photos of my son's first year.  I also bought one of those picture frame mats and had everyone sign a special message and framed it with his first birthday picture for his room. 

I got a diswhasher box from a local appliance store and had a friend paint a picture of a whimsical puppy dog on the front lying in his doghouse.  We cut out the face and I had each child stand in the box and put their face in the place of the puppy dog and we took photos and I sent those out to each child with their thank you notes. 

We also used the box for pin the tail on the puppy dog and feed the puppy dog in which we took bean bags and had each child throw them through the puppy dogs mouth.  It was so much fun.  I had cut out puppy paw print cookies in cute little cellophane bags and puppy paw stickers for each child to put on their hands or wherever they chose!  I had puppy paw and frog sandwhiches that I cut out with the cookie cutters. 

The party favor bags were filled with frog soaps, wooden puppy dogs, and puppy dog hand puppets.  The cake was polka dots with the theme from the invitation on the top. The party was a HUGE success and so much fun!!

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