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Gymnastics Party -4yr- The Wild Theme



July 2002


Irene in Schertz, Texas USA


Gymnastics Party

I planned my daughter's 4th birthday at her gymnastics gym.  But I also  wanted to have a theme other than the Olympics.  SO we went with a "Wild"  theme. 

The invitation said, "Time to bounce, tumble and roll, (name) is  turning 4! Join us for a WILD time at the gym!" I made the invitations by  going to a scrapbook store and buying 12x12 wild animal printed paper  (leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe, cheetah) and some clear vellum paper(12x12).  

The invitations were cut to 6x6 squares and I overlaid the vellum with the  party information on it.  We then tied the vellum and wild print paper with  orange and red organza (sheer) ribbon.  I also found some clear, resealable  61/4x 61/4 envelopes!  It showcased my invitations so adorably!  I added red  party balloon confetti to really make it look like a pretty festive package.  

As party goods we bought clear cellophane bags and stuffed the bottom of the bags with shinny shredded red paper and then lined them with leopard tissue  paper on top.  This made the bags go with the wild theme since I wasn't able  to find any wild animal print loot bags. 

I then carefully placed all the wild animal print goodies inside the tissue. Loot items included a yoyo,  pencil, pad, wrist bracelet, visor, bubbles, top and a First Place gold  medal.  I was also able to find wild animal print latex balloons and a Tigger  Mylar balloon that said " I am WILD for you!" 

The best part is that the  coaches take the children for one hour of fun stations using all of the gym  and then we meet upstairs in a "WILDLY" decorated room for pizza, cake &  ice cream, and punch.  WE open presents and pass out loot bags they all have  a GREAT WILD TIME! 

I went to several web sites to find envelopes (61/4x  61/4), loot items, balloons, and organza ribbon.  These included:  Our party is  in October

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