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Gymnastics Party -4yr- Red' White & Blue Décor



September 2004


Catherine in Houma, LA USA


Gymnastics Party

Gymnastics Party 4 year old  We had our four year old daughter's birthday party at a new gymnastics facility in our town.  Since the Olympics ended a few weeks ago, we thought it would be appropriate to have an Olympics themed party.  Everything was red, white, and blue stars, and I used lots of 4th of July items that I bought on clearance.

We printed the invitations on 1/2 sheet of white cardstock, with blue writing, a red border, and red, white, and blue striped ribbon tied at the top.  The invitation read, "(name) is turning four, come tumble with us on the gymnastics floor.  We'll be going for the gold on the balance beam, and we want you to be a part of our team! 

The meet will be held at James Academy - fun and games will begin at three.  Saturday, September 25 is the date, you'll win a medal if you're not late!"  

I made the cake, rectangular shaped facing vertical, with a silver (foil) medal in the middle, and striped ribbon (leftover from the invitation) coming in from the top two corners.  I inserted the four candles into the medal.  To add a gymnastics flair to the cake, we positioned a Polly Pocket doll doing a backflip onto the vault (a Twix candy bar atop a marshmellow, with an orange slice as the springboard).  I made red, white, and blue star candy melts, and arranged some of the stars on the cake. 

I also made white cupcakes, with M&Ms outlining the perimeter of the cupcake.  Each cupcake had a specific color of M&Ms, and the cupcakes were arranged in groups of five to represent the Olympic rings.  We also had star-shaped sugar cookies, decorated with red and blue sprinkles, and an assortment of other party food. We used solid blue party hats, and glued red paper stars all over them. 

The goody bags had stars printed all over them, stuffed with Starburst candies, mints that had flag wrappers, plastic USA flags, and flag stickers.  As each child handed my daughter a gift, she hung a gold medal around their neck.   

The children had so much fun on the gymnastics equipment, and the adults were amazed by the facility.  Some of the adults even joined in the fun by jumping into the foam pits and trampolines! 

I had a lot of fun planning all of the details, and it only took about a month to gather all of the supplies.  I heard several parents say that this was the best party they had ever been to!

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