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Halloween Party - Scarecrow & Ghosts



July 2010



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Halloween Party

Last year I couldn’t have my Birthday Party because of some problems so my parents made it up by letting me have a Halloween Party.This Party should be held the day before or at least two days before Halloween.

INVITATION:For invitations we decided to go with ghost lollipops.You will need giant lollipops for the number of guests coming, white paper or white cardstock,white felt,white pipe cleaner,black or red string(optional),black felt and glue or black permanent marker..First we printed out the party info on white paper or white cardstock  cut in a circle the same size as the lollipop circle then we cut another circle the same size with nothing on it.Next we taped both circles to each side of the lollipop.The reason we wanted paper on both sides is so the blank side of the lollipop can be the face of the ghost and you don’t see through to the invitation.Take the white felt and place it over the lollipop gather it up at the bottom of the lollipop and the top of the stick.Tie it with the white pipe cleaner.If you want you can put a black or red bow around the pipe cleaner to give the ghost some style.Then you can either cut out pieces of black felt in the shape of circles and glue it to the white side of the lollipop(the side where you can not see through to the invitation) or you can simply draw the eyes with a permanent black marker.

DECORATIONS:For decorations we put hidden objects in unexpected places throughout the house.We placed white sheets on top of the couches and chairs to make the house look abandoned.We put spiderweb acrosse the tables around the tv pretty much every where.We replaced the living room light bulb with a black light bulb.In the bathroom we took fake blood and put it on our hands and smeared our hands aross the mirror and the bathtub and we did the same to the screen door.Also we played scary music in the living room and in the basment it was like a club with strobe lights and black and orange and purple streamers.

FOOD:For the food we had mostly finger foods like witch finger cookies . We made sandwiches and added black food coloring to them.We made dirt cake.(you can find these recipes online).We had bowls full of candy corn and gummy worms and at the bottom we put fake raty and spiders.

ACTIVITIES:For fun we had a candy corn guess.Decorate a jar or mug for Halloween. Fill it with candy corn. Count how many corns are in the jar. Write down the number. Put paper and pencils out with the title Name and Number of Candy Corn at the top. The person who guesses the closest to the right number without going over wins. Next we did build a scarecrow . Use old shirts, jeans, hats for the body of the scarecrow. For the head use pumpkins and sharpie markers or carving kits. Guests will also need sticks, chairs or something to set up the scarecrows. You could provide these yourself or add it to the invite for guests to bring their own old clothing and set up equipment.Then we did mummy wrap.Divide the guests in pairs and give two rolls of toilet paper to each pair. The guests have to wrap each other using the toilet paper, just like a mummy. The people who do it at the earliest are declared winners. The trick is not to wrap the hands of the first person, while wrapping him/ her up as a mummy and leave place for their eyes, noses and mouth. It can be quite a mess as people realize that they have wrapped their partner's hands and he/ she is not free to wrap them up. Once all the mummies are ready, they can move on to the next level of the game, where they have to walk and moan and groan like a mummy, as they try to find their Halloween candy in the backyard.Winners for the Candy Corn guess and Build a scarecrow will be announced at the end of the party.

CAKE:For the cake we made a brain cake.Its simple and easy .Buy a brain Cake mold follow the instructions on the cake mix bow and place the batter in the mold when the cake is ready decorate with pink frosting.Add fake edible blood to give itt a touch.

FAVORS:For favors we got halloween bags and put in candy,glowsticks, spider rings,a little flashlight for halloween night,silly bandz,and a giant chocolate bar.This was the best party ever and i thanked my parents like a hundred times.It may take alot of work but it is definately worth it.Hope this helped.

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