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High School Musical -7yr- HSM Pillow Favor



April 2008


Alisha in Perkasie, PA  USA

Honorable Mention

High School Musical

For my daughter's 7th birthday party she chose High School Musical as her theme.  Of course, the first thing I did was to come to this great website to get as many ideas as I could.  

INVITATIONS: I usually like to make my own invitations, but this year I found some really cute, custom made ones on ebay.  I found several ebay sellers who custom design invitations with your choice of High School Muscial designs and wording.  We picked one that had a picture of all the cast floating on colorful intertubes in a pool.  The invitation said What time is it?  Pary Time!   We're all in this together!! Dance your way over to 'our address' to celebrate Kendall's 7th birthday".  I was then e-mailed a proof of the invitation which I could print myself at home we put colorful birthday party confetti in the envelopes.

DECORATIONS:   We had the party at home and there were 12 kids total with ages ranging from 4-10. For decorations I bought High School Musical theme plates cups napkins and a HSM birthday banner at Wal-Mart.  I bought red poster board and make some home-made posters that said "Go Wildcats" & "East High ROCKS!".  We also had a mix of colorful balloons and a HSM mylar balloon. 

ACTIVITIES:  For the main activity we had a talent show.  I made a big sign out of poster board that said "Lava Springs STAR DAZZLE Talent Show".  I hung the sign from our fireplace mantel.  I also bought some cheap red plastic table cloths from the Dollar Store and draped them across the mantel so that it looked like the curtains for a stage.  I collected all sorts of costumes and props so that the kids could dress up and sing songs from the HSM movies.  For the girls we had feather boas sunglasses  miscellaneous hats sequin tops etc.  For the boys we had baseball & basketball jerseys shirts and hats.  I had a sign up sheet with songs from the movies and the kids signed up for which songs they wanted to perform.  We then had a really entertaining show!  

The next activity was a trivia game.  All the kids sat in a circle and passed a microphone around as music played (High School Musical music of course).  When the music stopped the person holding the microphone had to answer a trivia question.  If they answered correctly they stayed in the game.  If they answered incorrectly they were out.  The last one left won a prize...which was some HSM bracelets that I found at Wal-Mart.  The trivia questions came from a trivia card game that I found at a local discount store.   The last activity was the "Troy Bolton basketball toss".  We used a kids size basketball hoop and each kid got 5 shots at the basket...whoever got the most baskets won a prize...which was a small squishy basketball that I got from the dollar store. 

FOOD and CAKE:  For food we just ordered pizza and had chips & dips and popcorn.  For the cake I found a cute edible cake topper on ebay.  The cake topper was an 8 1/2 x 11 edible image with a picture of the HSM cast & it was personalized to say "Happy 7th Birthday Kendall".  I made my own rectangle cake & frosted it with white frosting.  The edible image was centered in the middle and using a star tip I piped red frosting around the edges of the cake and little stars around the image. It turned out really cute. 

FAVORS:  For favors I found some really cute HSM pillow cases on  They were these cute red/blue pillow cases with images of the wildcat mascot basketball hoops & "EHS" on them.  The pillowcases also came embroidered with each child's name on them.  I lucked out and found the pillowcases on clearance plus the day I ordered them they were offering an additional 25% off.  I was able to get each pillowcase for around $6 each.  That is more than I usually spend on favors but they were so cute and unique that I couldn't resist.  They were also much nicer gifts than the usually birthday party favors.   Over all it was a great party & everyone had a blast. "

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