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High School Musical -4yr- Go Wildcats



July 2008


Stacey in Norwalk, CA.

Honorable Mention

High School Musical

My daughter is turning 4 and loves High School Musical, so we decided this would be the perfect theme for her party. I handmade invitations on the front (white paper) I typed (in HSM font) What Time Is It?" with a picture of my daughter in her HSM cheerleading outfit and pom poms and on the bottom of the photo it read "Party Time!" this was glued to red card stock I included HSM clipart and graphics too. On the back of of the red card stock on white paper I put "Let's rock and roll and just let go to the rhythm of the fun!!! at _______ 4th birthday celebration! I included the date and time and noted that schools in at _________ (address) this page also included HSM clip art. I made special labels (which included calling all Wildcat fans) for the envelopes and stamped paw prints on all of them.

When everyone arrived at the party the entrance was just like a high school. I had a large poster I made that said East High School Wildcats with the Wildcat logo. I painted this so it looked like an actual High school poster. Each child received a hall pass once they arrived on a lanyard and a paw print tattoo. When everyone walked in there were handmade posters all over that said "go Wildcats" Get your head in the game Fabulous EHS East High etc. I had my covered patio set up like the gym. I made pennants to be hung all over and from the ceiling I draped red & back plastic tablecloths from the ceiling (in the movie they used material)

There were pictures of the cast all over megaphones pom poms I made large paper megaphones etc. I also made a set of lockers (5) that I hung on the wall (made out of poster paper). Each locker could be opened. I had a locker for Gabriella and everything inside was geared towards her interests Troy Zeke Sharpay and my daughters too (she loved this)! I had different sections set up because we couldn't decide on just one. Such as the gym where we played a basketball shooting contest and learned a basketball "dance" routine I had Lava springs set up with signs and the entrance sign just like the movie. I made a golf course (with the help of my sons) where the kids played miniature golf we had Zeke's kitchen my son made a card board oven (really cool)

We posted recipes and signs all over and in this area the kids decorated cupcakes. I also had the theater set up there was a "sign up" sheet for all interested. We put on a small talent show and it was so fun to watch... the winner won the "Star Dazzle" award that I made by hand. I also had a great picture area set up with the HSM backdrop and a life size cut out of Gabriella and Troy (The kids went insane over this). The last area was Mrs. Darbis classroom (detention) where I set up her Desk area and a chalkboard. The kids played find the cellphones and decorated their own notebook covers. The food area was set up like a High school lunch window. I created large menus and hung them on the wall. The kids told me what they wanted and I put it in a concession box. I offered: popcorn hot dogs nachos apples pretzels chips fruit juice water or lemonade…they thought this was really neat.

Favors: for girls I put them in a HSM box and attached curling ribbon from them inside was a HSM folder pencil pen notebook cellphone shaped lip gloss stickers HSM erasers pom poms HSM bracelet and some candy. Boys: I put them in the same HSM boxes inside was plain black or red folder notebook basketball pencils basketball water bottles bracelet basketball hackey sacks and candy. Each person at the party got a "Yearbook" I designed a yearbook around my daughter and the movie. I was about 4 pages. I had pictures of her at Disneyland in the HSM show her recital etc. There was a HSM quiz & her likes and dislikes The kids loved this and there parents & family loved it more! It is a great keepsake. I played the HSM soundtracks throughout the party. Her cake was a "big" hit! It was a 2 tier cake with musical notes all over and HSM written on it and a picture of her in her Troy Bolton Jersey! The kids loved the cake and my daughter was just in ahhhh. I think that's about it! I hope these ideas help you with your HSM Wildcat party!! "

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