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JoJo's Circus Party -1yr- Popcorn Favor Bags



February 2006


Amber in Cape Coral, Florida USA

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Jojos Circus Party

JoJo's Circus!!!!!  For my son's first birthday I decided to do a JoJo's Circus theme. This was his favorite show and of course there were no party supplies to be found.

The creative person that I am I put my creative juices to the test. I first decided on invitations. I took different colored card stock and made a circus tent. In the middle I cut a slit so the doors would open up. When you opened the card I had printed on the computer the following information: Anthony is turning a big top 1!!! You are invited to the (Your last name) Locted in ring one (Your address) Show promptly begins at (Time 1:00-2:00) Please R.S.V.P to the Ringmaster (your name and number)

For decorations I made copies of coloring pages from a JoJo's Circus coloring book. I then colored all of the pictures and place them on a poster board. I then made a small banner that read Anthony's First Birthday and placed it with the pictures. I then placed these outside around the walkway leading to our front door. Inside I bought primary colored tablecloths in different colors to be placed on the tables that I was using. I bought primary different colored plates, cups, napkins, and utensils. I alternated all of the colors in each group to make it look more like a circus.

For the cake I bought a sheet cake with white icing. Along all four sides it had different colored icing that looked like streamers. I then placed JoJo figurines from the show ( that I purchased at the Disney Store) on the top. I then went to Publix and purchased a 3-D teddy bear cake. I had them custom make it to look like JoJo. This was the cake that I let my son play in. It was a big hit with the family and friends. I bought plastic popcorn containers and placed snacks in them and the utensils.

For food I had popcorn, chips, hot dogs, peanuts, hamburgers, french fries, and cotton candy to name a few.

For the goody bags I bought treat bags that looked like popcorn bags from Oriental Trading and placed goodies on the inside. I made copies of JoJo Circus coloring pages on my computer. I then stapled them together and made a coloring book for each child. I bought red soft circus noses, birthday sipper cups, birthday rubber duckies, plastic confetti clappers, and plastic lip whistles.

For party hats I purchased plastic Happy Birthday derby hats. All of these items were purchased from Oriental Trading. I also purchased Plastic Fringe Pennant Banner and had it hanging throughout the house and along tables.( also from Oriental Trading.)For games I had pin the nose on JoJo. I made a print out of JoJo's head and made red circles for them to try and place on her face. I made a popcorn bag toss game. I took a cardboard box and painted to look like a box of popcorn. I then made bags of popcorn.

The kids had to stand behind the line and throw the bag into the box. I made the line kind of close because some of the children were only one and basically just dropped it in. It was still cute though. I purchased a small blow up swimming pool and some plastic balls from Toys R Us and placed it in the living room. I put all of the balls in the pool and the children were able to get in and play. This was a good idea for the younger children.

For my sons outfit I found a website and found a really cute clown overall outfit that said first birthday. She hand makes everything. I also made a poster with JoJo in the middle with her hands out. I made a small banner that read Anthony's First Year. I then cutout different colored balloon shapes. I each balloon I drew a number from 1-12 for each month. I then took a picture of my son for each month and placed it on the balloon. This was a big hit with family and friends. They were able to see how he grew up and changed his first year. I still have this hanging in his bedroom on the wall.

My party was a huge success and I was very pleased at the response that I received. I have had a couple of other people ask me to help them with circus parties for their kids. It is a little easier now because they have come out with JoJo circus party supplies. I still recommend doing most of it yourself.

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