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Kim Possible Party - Banana Boutique



August 2004


Nancy in Palmetto, Florida USA

Honorable Mention

Kim Possible Party

Here is what we will be doing for our Kim Possible Birthday Party.  we have created a scavenger hunt/ mystery.    I made a posterboard with the names of the villians on it as well as the locations we will be visiting.  as we complete each task, cross them off the list and keep going until we run out of villians and locations. 

While guest arrive we will have pizza and watch a Kim Possible video.   "When pizza arrives we will have dinner  After dinner we will get a message from wade on the kimmunicator (Nextel) telling us that the villains have stolen our birthday desert and we need to be special birthday crime stoppers and defeat each villain.   Use the clues that each villain left behind to find out who has taken it.  Rufus has the sitch.  Rufus in the dining room- he is holding the clue.   Read clue discount diamonds a so hot, they are out of sight   I will have signs posted outside for each of the locations we will be visiting to make it more "Kim Like"  Smarty Mart Frugal lucre has hidden the discount diamonds (156) in the smarty mart garden center each person must find 10 gems to receive next clue.  (I will hide marbles in the sandbox and each kid must pick them out with thier hands.  

Next clue reads, This will be so much fun, your'll just want to snuggle with it.  

Cuddle Buddy Factory- DNAmy has been busy with her experiments and is now working on a new cuddle buddy project.   Unfortunately for her, they pop when they are loved too much.  Pop balloons till you find the hidden clue.   There is something really fishy about this clue     Camp wannaweep fishing Gil has hidden a mutant fish in the pond; see if you can find the fish that has the clue.   Clue says, Don't get off course on this task  Killigans Golf course-   Duff Killigan has been at it again trying to keep everyone from playing golf.   Kim and Ron have removed all the exploding golf balls.  To make everyone come back to the golf course we just show everyone that it is still fun.   Everyone must play one hold of golf to receive next clue.   

Clue reads:  To look your best, you must dress above the rest!  Club Banana Boutique obstacle course, Shego is hiding in the mall and is running shop-to-shop trying to get a better outfit than Kim.    We must chase her down before she starts using Kim's credit card.

1.Go up rock wall
2.Go over and cross the hanging bridge
3.Walk around and swing from the rope.
4.Climb up the ladder
5.Go down the slide
6.Jump on trampoline 5x
7.Go to t-ball and hit ball
8.Fetch ball and toss back to next hitter!
9.Once all complete we get next message I'm brewing up quite a mixture for you. 

The laboratory is where Drakken (Uncle steve) will be standing with the desert basket and is caught red handed.  He will then hand it over to the birthday girl and tell them they can now enjoy their sundaes but that he changed it with his own concoctions and has the table set up with the kids will then be able to make their own sundaes with  Villain vanilla ice cream Monkey fist choke-late ice-cream Drakken's experimental fudge syrup Duff Killigan's ButterSCOTTISH syrup Shego's Sheberry syrup DNAmy duplicating cherries Frugal Lucre's 2 for 1 whipped cream  Then its desert time eat up and then open presents afterwards!

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