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Kim Possible -7yr- Pom Pom Craft



October 2005


Tammy in Keller, TX  USA

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Kim Possible Party

We recently celebrated our daughter's 7th birthday.  She wanted a Kim Possible party.  I have used this site for several parties and found several useful ideas.  This is what we did. 

INVITATIONS:  I printed them on my computer and used various fonts to make it look realistic.  Across the top it said "Top Secret:  Confidential"   The rest stated, "You have been selected for a very high priority mission.  Do not access this file unless you plan to accept this highly classified adventure.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to train to be a crime fighter/spy worthy of Kim Possible, while at the same time, celebrating the 7th birthday of (daughter's name)  Come join us for lots of fun!  (Then I gave the party details)  At the bottom I stated that "You can wear all black (like a spy) if you want."  I also told them to be "dressed for action"  

DECORATIONS: With this party I did not do a whole lot of decorating.  On the front door we had a poster of Kim Possible.  On the two tables inside I had put green plastic tableclothes.  Then I took a purple plastic tablecloth and cut it to make two table runners and place those on the tables for a contrast of colors.  I had some yellow shredded "confetti" strips which I placed on the runners.  One centerpiece was a purple megaphone and the other was a Kim Possible cup both of which I has placed some yellow confetti in.  Then my daughter cut pieces of lime green ribbon and curled it to place on top of the confetti.  

CRAFTS:  We had two crafts going as children arrived.  One was making pom poms (cause, you know, Kim Possible is cheerleader by day and crimefighter by night).  We had toilet paper tubes which my daughter had painted black for the handles.  Then we had yellow crepe paper which we had cut into about 12 inch strips, 8 per handle is ideal but the girls did not use that many.  You take the strips and fold them in half and scotch tape the folded end to the end of the tube.  You can double layer these too.  The other craft was sipper cups you can order from Oriental Trading.  They come with paper inserts to color but I made my own.  I printed off a Kim Possible coloring page from the internet and cut it out.  Then I used font from Works that closely matched the Kim Possible font and printed out "Kim Possible" and the name of each child.  I cut those out and taped them to a sheet of paper, then used my copy manchine to make a copy.  Then I used the inserts that came with the cup to cut out the right size, and volia! We had personalized Kim Possible cups which the kids decorated with markers and Kim Possible stickers.

ACTIVITIES:  After the crafts, we headed to the garage where they danced to a Kim Possible CD and I had them tie a purple or yellow balloon to their ankles with a rubber band and then go around popping others ballons without letting anyone pop theirs.  Then we headed to the backyard for an obstacle course.  First they threw a water balloon through a hula hoop which busted against the fence (or on the ground), then they ran around a tree 3 times, then up the rock-climbing ladder on the swing set and down the slide, then punched a punching ball hung from a tree, jumped on the mini-trampoline 5 times,  did a forward roll on a long cushion that laid on the ground, then ran through a red crepe paper streamer that I and another mom held up for them to bust through. 

The kids ate pizza and then headed upstairs to the "laser room".  Here I had strung red crepe paper streamers in all different directions to resemble a red laser alarm system.  The kids had to manuver one at a time through it to the other side were there was a box on which was written "Top Secret".  It had lip gloss in it for the girls and binoculars for the boys.  Then my husband came in and said that the the evil Drakken had stolen all the presents and left only an envelope containing a clue.  (While we were out doing the obstacle course my husband, with help, had taken all the presents to the upstairs bathtub).  I explained to the kids that Drakken must have left clues for us to find the presents.  The clues read like this: "My hands are green, my feet are brown, I am rooted firm on rocky ground." 

An envelope with the next clue was found in the tree in the front yard. 

Next:  "When a letter comes from far or near, you will find it delivered here"  found envelope in mailbox. Next:  "Go to the place where you would dine, look under the table for another sign"  found envelope under dining table.

Next:  "There is another clue to be found, search through the backyard and look on the ground."  envelope found in backyard. Next:  "With so many friends to help you out, you're sure to solve this mystery no doubt, go to the place where you began, and discover the next clue, I know you can."  envelope found in laser room. 

Last:  "You will find the presents in a room that is small, they are up the stairs and down the hall, another clue is that you might use it to scrub, or even to go rub-a-dub-dub.  Presents were found in the bathtub.  I would recommend not doing a whole lot of going up and down stairs or crossing the street, because the kids LOVED this but they tended to run over each other and not pay attention to safety rules. 

CAKE:  I ordered a Kim Possible cake from Target and used yellow partyware from the Dollar Tree. 

PRESENTS:  Every year gift opening time is so crazy that I decided to use a suggestion I had heard before.  I placed my daughter in a chair and whoever gave her the present she was opening sat in a chair beside her.  It worked really well.  Anyway, the party was really fun and the kids got to take home their pompoms, cup, and lip gloss or binoculars.

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