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Kim Possible Party -5yr- Top Secret Invite



January 2006


Kristie in San Clemente CA


Kim Possible Party

Kim Possible 5yr My daughter loves Kim Possible and she is a positive girl character. For her 5th birthday we brainstormed on her favorite villans and kim possible moments. We came up with a clever idea to have a Team Kim Possible recruiting new agents party.

The invitations: in a small manilla envelope marked top secret. A small card that reads Blow up Balloon,Purple deflated balloons with the word "pop!" written in permanent marker. When the balloon is popped the folded or rolled up invitation With all party details) and confetti will fall out. invutation starts out: You have been selected to attend a top secret training camp for team possible an elite group dedicated to helping Kim Possible insure that " Birthday girl" birthday is a success.

You will be put through special training and will recieve offial identification as a Top Agent for Team Possible. You will be put through many tests, with each test you will earn the tools ( party favors: jump ropes, pom poms,compass,stickers, bean bags and golf balls) and skills neccessary to do your part in ensuring the party is a success. The time and date info will be written in glow in the dark marker and instructions to view in dark will be included ( still visible to naked eye but fun for kids to view in the dark.

As guests arrive have adult assigned to take picture of each guest as they arrive with digital camera or poloroid, print pictures out and cut to size of id card precut and prepared with each guests info including top agent code name.

The guests are put through a scavenger hunt/obstacle course each of wich are directed at a villan. killigans sandtrap(can be a plastic swimming pool or sand box filled with practice golf balls marked w/code for each guest to find total of 3. shego cheer to get pompoms for girls drakken jump for jump rope for boys. monkey fist madness- cross monkey bars for compass used to find the cake. senor senior senior action toss- bean bags tossed on bulls eye area. A bag given to collect all items collected and kim possible pinata candy/prizes.

On the Menu: Mad dogs- hot dogs/corn dogs, nacos-Nachos, radioactive Gil goop- Lime green jello. shego "punch" -lime sherbert and sprite.

Cake: Kim Possible cheerleader cake Kim's face with purple and red sour string candy pom poms on the side.Akim possible character to direct the activities is ideal but animated adults are great too. So at cake time all of the Guests will help t0 find the cake by directing their compass in the direction given in a riddle ex. if you want to put cake in your mouth point your compass to the _ _ _ _ _ (south).

When the party is over all of the guest will receive their top agent id with picture.Can take group picture during party to print later as thank you note.

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