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Renaissance Princess - Sand Castles



Dec. 2003


Lara in Cameron Park, CA USA


Knight Party

Renaissance Princess Birthday     

As always, I start right where you are right nowà On this Napster of birthday party ideas.    I did not want to do a typical Princess Birthday, so we made it a little more whimsical, like our daughter.    I started with the invites. I am not one for the generic party invites, but I did pick up a set of the Daydream Fairyö Invites from Birthday Express (and paper products). I printed my own wording on vellum overlayed rose print paper attached by a ribbon then pasted it on the inside of th einvitation.

It read as such: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! My Lords and Ladies gather round for in this realm today is much ado. Yea tis a momentous day...For there is exciting news upon the shire.     The Lady (child's name) is planning a grand celebration in honor of her birthday. All are in eager anticipation of this glorious occasion.    The Lady (child's name) has requested your presence on (day of the week-Saturday), the (date) of (Month), the year two thousand three. Come, revel in the merriment of this grand day.    The celebration is to be held at the, (Your Last Name) Castle, (Street Address), (Your City) Park Shire    Commencing at One O'clock in the afternoon    Please join in the celebration, song and feast as we rejoice.    Please show courtesy to the Lady (Parents Name) with a proper reply on or before (day) of (Month) at (Phone Number).     If that did not set the mood I do not know what would.    

Next decorations: The outside was easy. I just took some material, mainly solids and stripes. I cut them into different shape flags and pinned them to the shutters outside. Inside, I used some things that would be her birthday presents as the decorations. First, I sprinkles silk flower pedals in the entry and had instrumental music playing.  I bought a Rose Garden Hideaway from Hearthsong and a pond rug from an educational store. The rug had a "wooden bridge" in the center so you could cross. I placed the rug on the floor with the hideaway behind it. Then I placed a bench inside the hideaway and that is where we placed any gifts. I tied ribbons to EVERYTHING that I could. There were ribbons in the trees, there were ribbons hanging from the lights, ribbons, ribbons and ribbons.   

I made wreaths for the girls by taking a piece of floral wire and 8 wide rolled wedding netting, and a small bunch of silk wire roses. I used 3 pieces netting about 2 yards each. Centered it on the wire and wrapped a silk flower around the netting and wire to secure in place. For the back I crossed the netting before I wrapped the wire flower. This was handy to be able to adjust each wreath for the children. Every single one was a perfect fit.   

For the boys I make a simple Robin Hood hat out of felt. The pattern is from Simplicity. It took about 30 minutes to make 6 from start to finish.    For activities, I pre-made tongue depressor swords and spray painted them silver. You need 4 tongue depressors per sword. Lay one down flat and put glue on it. Then lay two more on top of that one so that the end touch in the middle of the bottom one. Then put glue on another tongue depressor, place on top of the two but line it up with the one on the bottom. After the sticks dry, glue one more stick perpendicular to the others to make the handle. Then I had the kids glue ôgemsö onto the swords and added glitter glue.

The second activity was making sand castles.  From Oriental trading I ordered small plastic castles and used 5 pixie sticks to fill each one. The kids loved it and it was very easy to do (no funnel needed).

The third activity was making tambourines. I took a twig wreath (you can get them at Michael's) and 5 bells and about 1 yard of colored ribbon. You wrap the ribbon around the wreath and thread a bell on it about every other wrap. Add some extra ribbon of a different color when you're done. It was pretty and made noise. The forth was making a trinket box. I bought the little boxes at Michaels and let the kids color them with markers (no drying time needed. Then they were able to place their "gems" (colored marbles) inside.    I lucked out with a really good friend of mine that she plays the harp. She was kind enough to play some background music and Happy Birthday. My husband was the court jester. Simple tunic out of felt and matching hat. He had fun juggling what ever the kids could find.   

Food was very simple. Hye Roll sandwiches, potato stix, bread sticks, brushetta, fruit and vegetable platters, chicken wings and mini cream puffs.   

The cake was the biggest hit, my mom's creation. She took a 9x13 cake and cut it in thirds. Frosted each one and stacked them up. She held it together with skewers and chopsticks. Then using a large fruit juice can and a plugged funnel, she was able to make a tower. She used candy fruit slices for windows; green candy leaves for plants, chocolate bar for a drawbridge over the blue sprinkle moat, a used peppermint sticks for the entrance door. Just have fun and use your imagination. We added the trumpeters from Playmobil to in the front of the castle gate and the princess and her knight (also playmobil) were set to one side.   

The goody bags were left over fabric sewn into a bag and stamp painted with butterflies. I included a flute, some mints wrapped in netting, a sparkly ball, a few knights that I divided up from a larger set and some wedding bubbles wrapped in netting. Tied the bag shut with even more ribbon.     It was truly a Grand Celebration.

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