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Lilo & Stitch 4yr - Message in Bottle Invite



June 2003


Christy in Kenneiwck Washington USA


Lilo and Stitch Party

My daughter loves Lilo & Stitch. So for her 4th birthday we had a Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian luau. Her birthday is at the end of April so we had it at the park. I only had 2 1/2 weeks to plan and make everything for the party. So I didn’t get a lot of want I planned. But heres what we did have. 

INVITATIONS: I bought small bottles w/ corks for our local craft store (66 cents each) then I bought macrame jewelry string and some small sea shells (at wal-mart $5.00 bought both) I glued (using Aleene tacky glue) 3 equal length of string around the neck of the bottle crossing the string at the front of the bottle and adding 3 small sea shells where the string crossed. I then filled the bottle about 1/2 inch full of sand (from our sand box.) then added 3 or 4 small shells. I printed off the invite in english & in Hawaiian. ( you can find Hawaiian words at invite read-- " come on over to cheyenne's Hawaiian Luau"    Date/time:_________ Island location:_________     RSVP the big kahuna aka. My daddy at: Phone # and Date    Please wear Hawaiian clothing or Bright colors    their will be Food,Cake & Fun    Please join us in celebration of cheyenne's 4th birthday. Glue a piece of the string to the top of the invite making sure that the string is long enough to hang out of the top of the bottle (so that they will be able to get the invite out to read it) roll up the invite tightly and add a sticker ( I made my sticker on the computer the read: "S.O.S Help us celebrate Cheyenne's 4th birthday" ) to hold closed. Insert in to bottle and add cork make sure the string hangs out. I also added a sticker (I made) with the guest name on the front of the bottle and my daughter hand deliverd the invite. (\*everyone loved these) (\* note make an extra one for the birthday child) 

DECORATIONS: We used LOTS of Bright colored balloons (red, blue, green, orange, yellow) we used the same colores for the napkins, plates, forks, spoons,cups, table covers ect. We also got tiny unbrellas and palm tree stirers and put in the cups. We made a picture back drop. I used a BIG piece of cardboard (but wood would work best) and stapled blue paper to it and then stapled fishing net to that. Then glued large sea shells to that. We made a palm tree out of wrapping paper centers (as trunks) and Green construction paper for the leaves. And stapled it to the back drop. We made a sign that read "welcome to Kenene(my daughter name in hawaiian) Island" and put it on a stake in front of the back drop. On the ground in front of the back drop I poured some sand, added a beach towel, beach unbrella (in bright colors), bucket & shovel, sea shells and beach ball. Each kid got their picture taken w/ my daughter on the beach towel. These turned out great!

As the guest arrived we had the Lilo & stitch sound track playing in the back ground. My daughter greeted each guest with their lei, name tag (with their hawaiian name), flower for girls hair, and the kids got their loot bags. I also made each family a Hawaiian language book. To make these I used construction paper (bright colors using different colors for each page of the book)and cut it into 6 inch squares and put 2 hole puches in the side of each one. I went to and got the hawaiian words. I printed the english version then what that word was in Hawaiian. I glued these to the construction paper squares ( in ABC order). I decorated the cover with a 3 inch square of a different color of construction paper I wrote in the small square " My Hawaiian Language book" and then put Lilo & Stitch stickers on the front. The first page of the book had the direction on how to tranclate your hawaiian words. I used the Jewelry string to tie the book together or you can just staple it. 

LOOT BAGS: for bags I just bought some bags printed w/ bright colored balloons on them. And filled them w/ candy, water guns, stickers, bubbles, coloring page ( off the computer),a thank you card w/ my daughters picture on it, their lei, and the girls got a flower for their hair( I made these using a hair clip and hot glued a flower to them) and each kid got a hula hoop ,the younger(10 month old & a 1yr old) kids got a bucket,shovel & beach ball, candy, bubbles & stickers as their loot bags.  

FOOD: we serve ham sandwiches, hot dogs, tropical fruit salad, potatoe salad, mac salad, chips, gold fish crackers, fruit tray, punch ( hawaiian punch, 7-up \*note- use a bunt pan add some of the punch and some fruit and freeze it to add to the punch bowl(ice ring)to help keep the punch cold), pop, and we also had Ice water. And cake of course( I made the cake. It was a oval white cake, I bought vanilla & chocolate frosting. With the chocolate frosting I made part of the cake look like an island. Then added crushed graham crakers over the chocolate to look like sand, I then used the vanilla frosting and blue food coloring to make the rest of the cake look like the water, I went to a grocery store that has a bakery and bought lilo & stitch figures, some palm trees & a surf board and placed them on the cake. I used a tooth pick and printed of and sign that read "Happy 4th Birthday Cheyenne" and glued it to the tooth pick and stuck it in to the cake. I also made a pineapple up side down cake and some chocolate cupcakes that I decorated with chocolate frosting and graham crackers and a tiny unbrella. The kids loved these.  

I also made thank you frames for each family that came to the party. To make these you will need small frames, aleenes tacky glue, small sea shells, sand and stickers (I made my stickers on the computer)..I got small frames that already had a string for hanging on them at a local craft store. (33 cents each) I then put a sticker (I made on the computer) that read "Aloha" on the top coner I then added glue to the front of the frame and dipped the it into sand, then I glued small sea shells all around the front of the frame. On the Back of the frame I printed off a sticker that read " Thank you (persons names) for coming to my hawaiian luau Aloha Cheyenne" a few days before the party we had my daughters picture take in her hawaiian outfit (at wal-mart because you can buy the pictures on a disk and get them that day) and on my home computer I printed off a picture of her an insterted it into the frame. These turned out so cute everyone loved them. (\* note again make one for the birhday child :) ) 

I had activitys planned but we never got to them the kids had too much fun with their loot bags, bubbles, and the hula hoops but heres what we had planned for games: Limbo, pin the skirt on lilo ( I made this by printing off a big picture of lilo in her hula shirt then prinit of just the skirt with each kids name on it to pin on lilo) Water balloon toss, water balloon relay, musical beach towels, hula hoop contest, Volley ball

EVERYONE HAD SO MUCH FUN AND STILL TALK ABOUT THE PARTY TODAY:)   like I said I had a very short time to plan and make everyting. So if you are planning a theme party just remember the more time you have to plan and buy things the better your party will be. I have already started planing my 2 sons is going to be Jungle safari for september and the other is Harry potter for december:)  I hope some of my ideas help you all have a great Hawaiian Luau have fun

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