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Madeline in Paris - Hunt for Missing Art



April 2000


Celeste in Mebane, North Carolina USA

Honorable Mention

Madeline Party

MADELINE IN PARIS "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, Miss Clavel said, 'It's party time!'" began our rhyming invitations which we printed on our computer and decorated with Madeline stickers.

A French flag hung in front of the house, and I dressed up as Miss Clavel. 

We played pin the hat on Madeline, and the other activities centered around an art theme. 

I told the children that since we were in Paris we had planned to go to the "Louvre" (can you say "looooooov"?) A brief explanation about the Louvre was followed by the exclamation "but we can't go because someone stole all of the paintings there except this one!"  You guessed it, the Mona Lisa.

We didn't want to go just to see that, so instead we hunted for the missing art treasures in the yard (laminated copies of paintings from the Louvre printed from the Louvre's website on a color printer).  There were plenty for everyone to find at least one.  Those who found the most picked their prizes first from the prize basket; everyone got a prize.  

For a craft, we decorated frames cut from poster board that had magnets stuck on the back.  These could be used at home on the refrigerator for their own masterpieces; the hole was just slightly smaller than 8.5"x11".   

We also learned how to ask for our chocolate cake in French: "Gateau chocolat, si vous plait!" (Gat-OH shock-o-LAH see voo play).  Fun, French and art appreciation all rolled into one of the most popular themes of the year.  Get creative - it's not the plates and cups they'll remember.

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