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Madeline Party -6yr- French Musical Chairs



August 2000


Danielle in Piscataway, NJ

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Madeline Party

We just had a Madeline birthday party for my daughter who turned six and loves Madeline!

My daughter greeted each guest dressed in a Madeline costume which she will also be wearing for Halloween!  She gave each girl who attended a yellow straw hat with a bow that I made by spray painting straw hats.  She gave the boys sunvisors that I drew the Eifel Tower on.   (I also downloaded Madeline graphics from the web and made a T shirt for her since it was August). 

When the children came in we had them start with coloring placemats for which I printed off my computer of various Madeline themes.  They ate popcorn from Madeline cups which I made from foam in the shape of Madeline and glued around blue cups!  This kept the kids occupied while the others arrived. 

Our next activity was to make Madeline pencil cases which we had ready cut from felt and all the children had to do was glue the pieces together. 

The next craft was to paint little wicker hats yellow and the grown ups glued pins or magnets and a blue bow on them. 

We played pin the tail on Genoveve (drew on poster paper and painted).  We had a Madeline hat pinata bought from a party store.   We played musical chairs to the Madeline music CD. We had a Madeline yellow HAT cake made from putting a small pan on top of a larger one, frosting yellow and using a fruit roll-up as a bow (they now have blue fruit roll ups!).

And at the end of the party each child received a Madeline story book!  (you can find them at discount book stores on the web for around $2-3)  We all had a great time!  I don't think any of us will ever forget!  It sounds like I spent alot of money but really didn't.  I saved by buying yellow and blue party goods at the dollar store and spent the rest on the activities and favors.

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