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Mario Party -12yr- Make a Hat Craft



July 2011


Allyson in Austin, TX, United States

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Mario & Zelda Party

My 12 year old daughter wanted a Mario Party birthday party. The party was a sleepover, 4:00 PM - 12:00 PM the next day.

INVITATION: I used Paint on my computer to crop different pictures of Mario Party characters and the words You're Invited!". On the inside was "Stephanie* is having a Party in the Mushroom Kingdom and she wants to celebrate it with you!" and I put the normal things in an invitation on the card: When Where RSVP Time Bring ans X-tra Info.

DECORATIONS: Most of this was really easy since all six of my children have Mario Party rooms. We used John's* room for the most part. In the living room we put lines of posterboard on the floor and before putting it on the floor I let my six kids color Mario Party spaces (Use These: Blue Red Green[Question Mark] Bowser DK etc. Your children will probably know more about this than you do!). I found Mario 'Fatheads' and put them around the walls. I put green buckets around the 'Board' to look like pipes.

Next to one of the Green spaces I got a black ball with the circumference of about a door's length and used a white Sharpie to draw eyes and teeth on it. I taped a wire cord to the back of it and plugged it into the wall to make a Chain Chomp (For best effects make the wire gray). In the kitchen we put a picture of Peach's Birthday Cake and put it as a centerpiece in the centerof the dining table.

ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrived we jumped straight into activities. We made various crafts. The girls made Peach crowns and the boys made Mario hats (Crowns and hats found at Walmart in the craft section or a local craft store). We decorated Wii remotes (filled with candy) and we drew our own Mario Party boards. Use construction paper or posterboard for this.

GAMES: Since my husband and I have collected Mario Party games from the beginning we spent 90 minutes playing each Mario Party game 1-8 (Hence why only invited 5 people. 3 of them came which is perfect to play these games). We did "Hot Bob-omb" a rip-off of 'Hot Potato "Pin the Shell on Yoshi" a rip-off of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' and more. You can play different games such as "Toad Toad BOO!" which is 'Duck Duck Goose!' and we had spoon races (Yoshi Egg Races) and water balloon fights (Bowser Bombs).

COSTUMES: We gave each party guest a costume to wear during the party (We used Daisy Mario Luigi and Waluigi). They put them on at the beginning of the party and wore them through it. We got costumes online at Amazon and eBay.

PARTY SNACKS: We had chips pizza ice cream cookies hot dogs and hamburgers. We drank soda and for those who didn't want it (Like 2 of my 3 sons) we had Hawaiian Punch.

CAKE: We baked chocolate white yellow and red velvet cupcakes and iced them gently to make a picture of Toad. We included details such as eyes mouth and fingers. Since we had a small party we used 12 cupcakes. You can use more or less depending on your party size.

FAVORS: We put cards inside of the goodie bags that said each Mario Party character would like to give them something. We signed it "- Mario :-)". Mario gave them a yo-yo. Luigi gave them a rubber bracelet. Peach gave them a plastic crown yoshi gave them an egg filled with candy. Wario gave them a magnet. Daisy gave them a plastic flower. Waluigi gave them $5. Toad gave them stickers. Boo gave them a mini flashlight. Toadette gave them an activity book. Birdo gave them Skittles. Dry Bones gave them a skeleton bobblehead. Hammer Bro. gave them a foam hammer. Blooper gave them a water gun.

Bowser left a note in the bag that said "It's a shame your party was so fun. I would've crashed it but Bowser Jr. kept me busy on his birthday today. I don't know why I'm saying this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie.* - Bowser." All the kids had a super time at the party and three years later the fact that my husband dressed up as Toad is still an inside joke.  * - Name has been changed due to privacy reasons of my children. Names are NOT Stephanie and John."

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