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Bicycle Party 6yr



September 2009


Jennifer in Fayetteville, AR USA

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For my son's 6th birthday we had a bike party.  It was a huge hit.  We had it at our church.  The parking lot was big and perfect for lots of bikes to cruise around.  INVITATIONS: I used a black card stock paper folded in half.  The front had a picture of a boy on a bicylce that I printed from clip art.  It read - Bike Crazy Weston is having a Spoke-tacular 6th Birthday Party!  On the inside I used glitter paper, striped paper, and solid paper all in the primary colors.  I printed off a picture of a bike from clip art and used that for decoration throughout.  It read - Come to the coolest party on two wheels.  Soup up your ride...Turn loose on an obstacle course...Feel like a champ...And have a Wheelie" good time!  Then I put B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Bike.  Then it just read the general party info such as date time location etc.  DECORATIONS: I used primary colors for all the decorations and some general Happy Birthday things bought at Party City.  I also used checkered flags to decorate around.  I bought a multi-colored pack of metal pails from Oriental Trading filled them with skittles and put two checkered flags in the center for table center pieces.  PARTY SNACKS: I bought the cake from a local bakery.  It had a bike on a trail with lots of balloons and a checkered flag border.  We had just kid friendly finger foods.  For the drinks I purchased different colored water bottles at the Dollar Tree.  I used a stencil and put each kids name on one.  We filled two 5 gallon drink jugs with gatorade and the kids went to town.  They loved filling their own water bottles.  ACTIVITIES:  I used chalk and made little bike parking spaces on the concrete.  I made a sign that said Bike Parking to put in front of them.  This was great to keep bikes from being thrown all over the place.  As children arrived they were able to claim a spot and use chalk to decorate it and write their names on it.  The birthday boys spot was reserved with ballons all around it.  We then had craft time.  The kids made name plates for their bikes.  This turned out so cute.  I used 1/2 sheet foam squares purchased at Hobby Lobby and punched two holes in the top sides of them.  The kids used colored tape and lots of foam stickers to decorate them.  Each kid was sure to put thir name with letter stickers and a number on them.  We used cable ties to attach them to the fronts of the bikes.  While the kids worked dads were bust tying jingle bells hung from flagging tape on each bikes handle bars.  We decided to just do this for the kids because it was easier for this age group.  Next we headed to an obstacle coure.  This consisted of weaving through cones going under an arch made from three pool noodles taped together and stuck on dowel rods following straight and curve lines drawn from chalk and riding threw a sprinkler.  Then the they got off their bikes crawled through a box or tent shot a basketball goal did hopscotch hit a baseball form a tee and crawled through another box or tent. At the ended they were rewared with a Great Job Medal. We invited several kids so I made two obstacle courses exactly the same to keep them from having to wait so long.  While kids were racing the ones on the sidelines used checkered flags and pom poms to cheer on their friends.  The kids loved this activity and did it several times.  We also had a bike ramp or more like a hump that my husband made from wood.  That was a huge hit.  I set out some play traffic signs purchased at Toys R Us and large cones just to ride around.  We had bubbles and hule hoops for those who were tired of bikes.  Which didn't really happen.  FAVORS:  For goody bags I used a blue lunch bags bought at Party City.  Cut out a shape of a trophie the size of the bag from a roll of gold wrapping paper.  Glued it on.  Then used hot glue and gold pipe cleaners to make the handles of the trophies sticking out from either side of the bag.  I printed on my computer [name] Your A Champ! and put on the front of the trophies. It was a great party!! "

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