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Four Seasons Party 7yr



September 2009


Yardley, PA United Staes of America

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I never actually had this party, but I thought it would be a perfect party for girls, ages 7-10! Invitation: For this you can glue 2 cards togather so you have 4 pages. Use clip-art on each page that matches a different season. On the last page write the place, time, ect.  Decorations: We had four rooms available for the party so each one could be a different season. For winter we would hang christmas ligts, white streamers, and scatter alot of white confetti to look like snow. We have an artifificial Christmas tree so we could also put that up. Since we can put it together in peices we made two smaller trees instead. We would have the fall room in the kitchen. In advance we'd make a leave garland and put up all our halloween decorations. We'd also have pumpkins in the refrigerator for decorating. For the summer room we'd have pool noodles, and pool toys. We'd also borrow a sandbox and put it on a tarp just in case sand flew out. We'd fill a kiddie pool with blue Jell-o (you'll find out why later). We'd add yellow streamers and confetti to represent the sun. There would also be a sun shaped pinata. This could be used as a decoration or a pinata (if you want to use it as a pinata, I reccomend buying two). For the spring room there would be flower petals springled everywhere and lots of fake grass. There would also also be boxes filled with dirt,  and garlands with printed flowers .  Games: The games will be played in different rooms and match that season, and for each room the group will be divided into two teams. In each different room the teams will be scrambled, though so everyone gets to play with everyone. In the fall room there will be a cupcake dacorating contest. I'll give each team a bowl of frosting, food colouring, gumdrops, skittles, cookies, gummy worms, Hershey's kisses, and cookie cutters to shape the cupcakes if they want. The kids can pretty much decorate however they want, but there are two rules: Each team's cupcakes must have something incommon with eachother and something incommon with fall, and every cupcake must be decorated. There will also be a pumpkin decorating contest. I would put out glitter, glue, ribbon, carving knifes (if the party is for older kids), paint, stickers, paper, ect. The same rules for the cupcake contest apply for this contest too. The winning team of each contest will get 3 tickets each , and the other team of each contest will get 2 tickets each (the tickets would be the type used at arcades). In the Winter room there would be garden stakes with big white foam balls speared on it like a kabob to look like a snowman. Each team would have ten minutes to decorate their snowman. I would put out glitter glue, mardi gra masks, old clothes, markers, headbands, nacklaces, pins, and feather boas.The winning team would get 5 tickets each, the other team would get 4 tickets each. The next game in the winter room would be a tree decorating contest. I would put out garlends of popcorn, ribbons, and many ornamants. Each team will have ten minutes to decorate their tree. The winning team gets 2 tickets, the other team gets 1 ticket each. Next we would go to the spring room. There each team will be assingned a box of dirt. This will be a relay. Each player will run to the box, dig up one of the carrots or potatos burried inside, and run back to the other team members, and tag the next person's hand. The first team to get all the vegetables gets 3 tickets each , the other team gets 2 tickets each. The next game will be hot potatoe with one of the potatos. The winner earns everyone on their team 2 tickets, the other team gets 1 ticket each. Next we go to the final room, the summer room. There will be a sand castle building contest. I will provide shells, sand, leaves, and water for a moat. The team with the best castle wins 3 tickets each, the other team gets 2 tickets each. Next we would break the pinatas. The team that breaks open their pinata and collects all the candy first wins 3 tickets each. The other team gets 2 tickets each. The last activety will be an idivitual activity. We will go over to the Jell-o pool . each child will get a fishing hook. I will have keychains, necklaces, and bracelets in the Jell-o. Everyone will be aloud to catch onley one thing, so there's enough for everyone. These prizes will double as party favors.  Party Snacks: In each room there will be snacks that match that theme. In the Fall room there will be the cupcakes they decorated, and halloween candy. In the winter room there will be peppermint sticks,Christmas cookies, and gingerbread. In the spring room there will be veggies and dip. In the summer room there will be an ice cream sundae bar.  Cake: Depending on what season the birthdays in you could make the cake relate to that. For winter the cake could be in the shape of a snowmann. Or you could take barbies, and dress them up in winter clothes, then frost the cake white, next add coconut snow and white mini-gumball snow balls. For Fall you could make the cake in the shape of candycorn and frost it white, yellow and orange, or you could use the earlier decorated cupcakes.For Spring you could make the cake in the shape of a flower, or for summer you could make the cake in the shape of a sun.  Favors: There would be a large table where you can exchange your tickets for prizes,or enter them in a raffle. The prizes will include santa hats, witch hats, mini cat masks, pool toys, and plush smiley face flowers. The guests will also get their prizes from the Jello pool and bags to put there prizes in. There will be a bag decorating station also where there will be Halloween stickers, snowflake stickers, flower stickers, and sun stickers, markers, glitter glue, paint, ect.       

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