Idea No.


Help Animal Friends 50th



July 2001


Michelle in San Jose, Ca  USA

Honorable Mention


We recently held a 50th birthday party for my mother.  This was not the usual black and over the hill theme.  We decided to do a more classy event.  So we started out with the invitations.  My first thought was to do something 50ish, but we decided to make music cds for everyone to enjoy.  We had her pick out her favorite music from the era in which she grew up.  Needless to say some of the music us kids have never heard.  After copying it on the cds we put them in colorful cases.  They front of the cd cover said you are invited to a party and when you opened it up, on the cd was a picture of an angel,(again a favorite of my mothers).  Printed over the angel was all the information about the party.  On the inside cover of the case was the information about gifts. (Instead of gifts my mother requested that items be brought to donate to the local SPCA shelter)  This had the SPCA's wish list and pictures of animals.  Needless to say the invitations were a big hit and people still have them to listen to after the party.  As far as the decorations for the party, we rented a local hall.  All the tables were done in Navy blue and Silver.  In the middle of each table was a colorful spring bouquet in glass containers.  Floating in the containers were various sea shells.  To accompany the arrangements, little glass candle holders filled half way with sand and navy candles were lite on the tables.  The main buffet table had a beautiful colorful floral arrangement in and angel holder with matching candles.  A similiar arrangement was placed on her head table.  As for party favors we made little thank you gifts for everyone who brought items to donate to the SPCA.  We purchase star boxes that were different colors.  In each box was a bag of animal crackers.  Attached to the stars was a tag in which we printed "You are a Star!  Thank you for supporting the SPCA".  We had a DJ that kept the night going and people dancing.  Everyone loved the party, invitations, and the thought of doing something good for the SPCA.

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