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Your Hotel Party



June 2001


Kelly in Gunnison, CO, U.S.A.

Honorable Mention


Hotel Party For a great party I think of fun and luxury. To put those both together in the best way is to have a hotel party! Not one of those ones that cost 200 dollars or so but a nice one that doesn't cost a lot at your own home! Have a theme for your hotel like space. Then name your hotel. If your theme was a tropical place you could name it Underwater Palace. Then pick the rooms you will use for the hotel rooms. Make numbers for then and hang them on the door. After that, make hotel keys and put the hotel room number on them. You can make fake keys out of paper or use real ones. The keys don't have to have key holes. You can just pretend there is one there. Then make the front desk. Have paper to write the reservations down on, a fake phone, a fake computer, pens, etc. Mints or small refreshments are also fun to have at the front desk. Make sure the hotel name is somewhere at the front desk. Have a small pool or a real pool for extra fun. Then make signs pointing to where the pool is. Kids love getting served. Make a restaurant and menus for it. Have stuff they can order like Mac & Cheese. They'll have fun ordering. If the hotels for a girl party it's fun to have a salon where you can give them makeovers and they can rest in a Jacuzzi or a bath tub with there swim suits. For extra entertainment, have games they can play and whoever wins gets a small prize. Make sure everyone gets something. Have a place where they can order midnight snacks and drinks. Roomservice is a very fun thing to have you be the server. Make sure they don't order to much. Have maps of your hotel and extra fun things like discount coupons for dinner, etc. Be sure to give all the kids fake money so they can pay for everything. Don't make them pay!!! For an extra touch to the whole party, decorate the house using your theme. If it was space, decorate things with planets. You can decorate the signs, maps or whatever you want with your theme. Have fun and go beyond the limit!!!

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