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Barney Party 2yr



November 2009


Tori in Owosso, MI USA

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My daughter Gabrielle's two favorite things are singing and Barney, so we have decided to make that the theme for her 2nd birthday.  INVITATIONS:  I bought 11 invitations along with 2 matching banners, 12 party hats, 2 small cups, 9 loot bags, a package of luncheon napkins and a package of beverage napkins off of ebay from a seller located in Canada.  On the screen I could see that the loot bags read - Barney and Baby Bop - what never occurred to me was that the invitations would be written in English and French (lol!!).  They are a tri-fold with Barney and Baby Bop dancing.  The background is yellow with a rainbow in pink, baby blue and light green behind them and musical notes all over.  They read - You're invited to a Barney Party.  I filled out the necessary information and mailed them in envelopes that we added Barney stickers to. DECORATIONS:  I have a half round table in my foyer that we will decorate.  I will sprinkle the table with multi-colored confetti:  Happy Birthday, balloons, cakes and I Love You (the first line of Barney's theme song).  I will place a Barney stuffed animal in the center of the table.  On one side I will place the Barney party hats.  On the other side will be a plastic container filled with candy that I have decorated with Barney stickers.  Next to that will be a piece of paper for everyone to write their guess as to how many peices of candy they think is in the container.  It will read - If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be! - a line from a Barney song.  I also added a couple more stickers to the bottom of the paper.  We will hang the two large banners in the dining room, one above the walkway to the living room and the other over the sliding glass door.  They are good sized banners 8 feet long and 14 inches wide with Barney and Baby Bop dancing, musical notes and rainbow colored swirls around them.  I found the perfect shade of purple (or is he fuchsia?) crepe paper streamers to match Barney.  We will hang the streamers from our dining room chandelier to the walls forming a canopy.  We will string paper musical notes to hang down from the chandelier that I have cut out from construction paper and tied with fishing line.  On the dining room table I will have the cake in the center of a purple tablecloth.  I will sprinkle the table with more of the confetti.  On one side of the cake will be yellow cake plates and on the other the Barney beverage napkins.  In the living room, we will use a game table as our gift table.  I plan to cover it with a Barney toddler size blanket.  It has Barney and the words to Barney's theme song all over it.  In the center I will place a party hat with the very top snipped off over a balloon weight and attach purple, yellow, and green balloons to the weight.  SNACKS:  I am planning on ordering ham, sausage, cheese, pepperoni and mushroom pizzas, breadsticks and sauce and making a tossed salad.  At the end of the snack bar will be the Barney luncheon napkins, fuchsia forks and yellow plates.  We will set up a beverage service area with different soft drinks, yellow cups and ice.  I have two small Barney cups that I have reserved for Gabrielle and her 2-year old cousin.  ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  After dinner, I will announce the winner of the candy guessing game.  Then I will have the kids go down to our finished basement to play games. For our first game we will play hot potato using Gabrielle's Barney stuffed animal and a Barney cd that I found at Toys R Us.  Our second game will be a version of musical chairs.  I have ten large 14 inch stars in all different colors left over from another party.  I purchased banners that a teacher would use to teach music with.  They have different musical notes and symbols on them (from the Dollar Store).  I cut them up and taped the different notes to the middle of the stars.  We will use the Barney cd again.  We will play until we get down to just one winner.  As kids are eliminated I will give them their loot bags. Our next activity will be a Barney pinata.  I had purchased a pink heart shaped pinata after last Valentines Day from Walmart on clearance for 10 cents.  (It was too good of a deal to pass up.)  I had found a birthday card at The Paper Factory that had a large yellow number 2 with Barney jumping out from behind it.  I made two larger colored copies of it and cut out Barney and the 2.  I then just taped Barney onto the middle of the heart shaped pinata.  It turned out really cute.  I will give each of the kids a quart size bag with their name and a Barney sticker on it to hold their candy.  I also will have Barney movies playing on the TV, including Barney's Sing that Song.  After this Gabrielle will open her gifts.  I know she is going to receive, among other gifts, a singing Barney.  I can't wait to see her face!!  CAKE:  I totally lucked out and when browsing ebay, after purchasing the other supplies, found a brand new round cake topper that matches exactly the other Barney party ware.  I will make a round cake, frost it yellow and sprinkle it with purple edible glitter.  I will place the topper in the center.  It came with yellow candles.  The cake will be placed upon a crystal cake pedestal.  My 9 year old daughter wants to accompany us on the piano while we sing happy birthday.  I have purchased vanilla and fudge swirl ice cream to serve with the cake.  Gabrielle's piece of cake will be served on a plate with Barney dressed in a marching band uniform and musical notes in the background (we already had this plate!).  My mom got her a bib that reads - Birthday Girl - with a piece of cake on it.  After cake I plan to put out crayons and some Barney coloring pages that include musical themed ones that I printed off of the internet at,, and  FAVORS:  I filled the loot bags with boxes of 24 crayons that I had purchased before school started for 10 cents each; mini Barney birthday coloring books I found at Dollar Daze (4 for 50 cents); Barney or Baby Bop whistles (Dollar Daze, 6 for $1) and large suckers I found rimmed in purple that have Happy Birthday written in the center (Dollar Tree, 6 for $1).  I tide bows onto the top of them with yellow curling ribbon.  The party is in just a few days and I am really looking forward to it!  It has been very challenging finding any Barney party supplies in stores, so I hope these ideas help anyone else who has a toddler that loves Barney.

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