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My 11th Birthday Party :   For my birthday we din`t really have a theme. It was more of a mixed theme party. It was small just me and 4 friends. (only 3 are coming though)    Invitations - For invitations I found a website where you can create you own. They had many themes to choose from. Due to the fact my party had a mixed them I picked out a peace sign for the cover. Insider it has 4 smiley faces with the information of the party.   Decorations - The party took place in one big room. In the main room we will spread a bunch of balloons on the floor ( My friend had them that way for her party and we all found them entertaining.)In  the dining room we will have a colorful tablecloth. In the begining it will just have some sweets for us to munch on. For lunch and cake there will be mathcing paper plates, untesils and fake champagne glasses.     Activities/Games :    The WII Olympics - This is where we will see who has the best WII skills. I am going to do the WII sports with the girls.  The Dancing Part - Self-Explantory. I will blast the music coming from my laptop that will be hooked up to speakers. We wil play some dancing such as - Newspaper Music and Dance Party Game: Guests pair off into couples, and start off with a full sheet of newspaper on which they must dance. Anyone stepping off their sheet of newspaper is out of the game. The music is stopped at regular intervals, when each couple must fold their piece of paper in half. Towards the end of this amusing music and dance party game (and with their newspaper folded up into a tiny rectangle), couples will be struggling to stay on their paper, dance around on one leg and avoid knocking their partner over. This game sounds really funny.     Celebrity for a Day - How to play: Acting Talents For this you will need a video camera. This is where the kids can really be creative. Taking lots of takes just like in the movies.   You can have a talk show and have someone be a talk show host who interviews the famous guests (write out questions ahead of time).   Once you're done taping have everyone sit around a TV with good old popcorn and watch it all! You can also make copies of the video and give them out.   Here can be some of the questions-  1.)What's your favorite song/show (depending on the celebrity) that you wrote/filmed?  2.)Who is your favorite celebrity?  3.) Do you have any role model?  From their the host can make up their own.________________________ When we finish that we will watch it!  Now will play : Celebrities   Write the names of famous people on index cards and tape one card to the back of each guest. You can choose movies stars, cartoon characters or any other celebrity.   Have everyone walk around the room. Instruct them not to mention the name on each person's back, but to talk to everyone as if they are the person on their card. The objective is to guess your own identity.  As people begin to correctly guess their identity, they must continue to treat the people who still don't know their identity like the celebrity whose name is taped to their back.   When everyone guesses their true identity" the game is over.   Here is a game that sounds like a bunsh of fun!  ANOTHER GAME: Boy Meets Girl   This game can be very funny.   Everyone sits in a circle. Get a piece of paper each and all write a boy's name on it. Now fold it over and pass it to the person on your right. Everyone now writes a girl's name on the paper (don't peek at the last thing written on the paper). Then write a place next a sentence that the boy says to the girl and finally a sentence that the girl replies with.  Each time you write something you fold over the paper to hide what you have written then pass it on.  At the end everyone gets to look at what their piece of paper says and read it out to the party. Hilarious  Now will head upstairs for sweets and presents.  We will have a buffet set up to make our ice cream sundaeS. We have a bunch of other sweets! Then I will open my gifts! : - )  Why were at the table were going to say some tounge twisters.   A tree toad loved a she-toad That lived up in a tree. She was a three-toed tree toad But a two-toed toad was he.  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers  Betty better butter Brad's bread  Chop shops stock chops  Flee from fog to fight flu fast!  Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread  Freshly fried flying fish freshly fried flesh  Friendly Frank flips fine flapjacks  I thought a thought But the thought I thought Was not the thought I thought I thought.  Lily ladles little Letty's lentil soup.  Then we are going to go downstairs and watch New Moon. ( My birthday party is 2 days after New Moon comes out and I am going to download New Moon off LimeWire.)  We wil head back downstairs and play Truth or Dare before we wathc the movie. If I cant get New Moons thi sis what wil happen:  Telephone Game - Have children sit in a circle for this birthday game. The birthday child goes first and whispers a sentence to the person on their right. That person then whispers what they heard to the next person and so on. When the message has gone around the circle the person next to the birthday child tells the message out loud. Then the birthday child tells the original message. Very funny to see how things repeated change!    Now we will do a Foil Fashion Makeover Fashion Show!   Foil Fashion Make Over - The object is to create the best outfit out of aluminum foil. Crazy game and lots of fun. This can be played individually or if you have a lot of girls separate into teams. Give each person / team 1 or 2 rolls of aluminum foil. You can also use rubber bands or pieces of string if you want. Create the most fabulous outfit you can using the aluminum foil. Tops pants skirts shorts ... and don't forget the sunglasses jewelry hats flip-flops tiaras booties belts ...anything your imagination can dream up. Be sure to take pictures of your creations.   At the end the girls wil take their party favors and they will start to be picked up.  Favors - I had a mini-notebook a pen chapstick and a bracelt.  I cannot wait for my party! I hope I helped! Have an awsome party! "

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