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The Perfect Twilight Party



November 2009


Jessica in Tunkhannock, PA, USA

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Are you a fan of the Twilight Saga? Are you having celebration of the film? These ideas will help you create the best Twilight-Saga themed party that everyone will be talking about.   DRESS CODE/COSTUMES:  To create the character's costumes, look through your closet and see what you can find. There is always a trip to Salvation Army or the mall.  The costumes for Edward and Bella should be easy depending on what outfit you want.  Edward: ¢jeans and a nice dress shirt  Bella: ¢jeans and a t-shirt with a blue jacket (   Also, has a wig for Alice and jewelry for the entire Cullen family.   SEND THE INVITATIONS:   You should send these out as soon as possible. Since the theme is Twilight, you can dress it up with photos of the characters or the Cullen Crest. Make sure to have an RSVP to ensure enough favors.   FAVORS:  Twilight is an expanding series of novels, so merchandise is all over the internet and stores. If you want to create a sweet treat for the favors, you can make an ultimate Saga gift bag. The bag consists of apples (Twilight), a red ribbon (Eclipse), a white chocolate parrot tulip (New Moon) and White chocolate chess pieces (Breaking Dawn), Twilight Saga Conversation Hearts (Borders, CVS, Wal-Mart), Ghirardelli Twilight Chocolate bars (CVS and Borders), and the New Moon Chocolate (Blockbuster and Borders).   To create the white chocolate candy, you can purchase the tulip and chess candy molds on Next, travel to Wal-Mart, A.C. Moore, Michaels or the local craft shop and purchase white and red chocolate wafers.  How much you buy depends on how many people are attending the party.  One bag will serve at least 10-15 people. The chess pieces are simple to create.  Melt the white chocolate and place the chocolate into the molds. Let it cool. When it hardens, snap them out of the mold and melt the red wafers and do the same as the white.  After the candy Chess pieces are made, place one white and one red piece in each bag. For the tulips, melt the white chocolate wafers, paint the top of the tulip molds with red food coloring and place the melted chocolates into the molds. Let the chocolates cool, snap them out of the molds and place one of each into the bag.     Other favor ideas are creating candy apples, purchasing Twilight bookmarks, stickers, buttons, collector cards, movie posters, tee shirts, the soundtrack, jewelry, fortune cookies with Twilight quotes and even sparkling body powder. DECORATIONS:  Decorating is an essential part of the party. To set up the perfect atmosphere, make sure to go with a red, white and black theme. The town of Forks is rainy and foggy, so use a fog machine to recreate this look. Use the left over Christmas clear lights by hanging them from the ceiling. This gives the look and feel of the gazebo at Prom from the film.  If you want to have the characters at the party, buy the cardboard cut outs. They are about $35.00 for one but you can keep it, take pictures with it, and give it as a prize.  The cut outs come in Edward, James, Bella, Victoria, Laurent, Jacob and Alice.  If you would rather something cheaper, you can print the photos of the characters and frame them and place them all over the house.  Cover all the tables in red, white or black table cloths and place red candles everywhere.  To create the scent that Edward has for Bella, go to the dollar store and purchase wax oil candles. Also you can get the parrot tulips from the New Moon novel and roses or apples in a bowl and place them around as well.  For extra touches, put magazines and books out on display. Your guests will be reading them to check up on gossip and trivia. ENTERTAINMENT/GAMES/ACTIVITIES:  To entertain your guests, play the Twilight Soundtrack, New Moon Soundtrack or use music from Muse, Paramore, AFI, and My Chemical Romance. You can also check out and see what the author of the book series playlist for the four books is.  You and your guests can watch the film Twilight (2008) and play Twilight games as well. Games could include Twilight jeopardy, the Twilight board game, bobbing for apples, create candy apples, creating twilight themed cupcakes, trivia, bingo, or a Twilight Scavenger hunt.   FOOD/PARTY SNACKS:  The food for the party is extremely important. You could go with a red theme which would consist of: ¢Red Candy ¢Red-food-colored white chocolate fountain ¢Red punch( Hawaiian Punch and sprite) ¢Apples ¢Pizza ¢Salsa ¢Coca-cola ¢Red velvet cake Or you can just get recipes for Twilight themed foods and create them yourself.,  If you are having a birthday party, you need a cake. Search around your local bakeries and see if they would make a Twilight themed cake for you. This will give them a challenge and be exciting for you to see the finished product.    With all of these ideas, you will have a party that will have people talking. It takes time to get all of the decorations, food and entertainment planned so make sure to have a month or two to do it and enjoy!

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