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Wagon Party 1yr



January 2010


Julie in Minden, LA, USA

Honorable Mention


For my son's 1st Birthday my husband and I agreed on a RED WAGON themed party. Our son received a wagon for his 1st Christmas and loved to be pulled around in it. I started with the invitations to set the tone. I took a picture of my son in his wagon, and had a lady design the card (Marie Jay with Autumns Creek Cards). The message on the card read: A wagon parade for everyone small cake lunch and fun for all. In our backyard well have lots of fun. You're invited to join us as Preston turns ONE." All the kids invited to the party were asked to bring their wagon or other mode of transportation (tricycle stroller etc) for the parade. Kids and parents were invitied to decorate their wagon but I did provide a few decorations for those that wanted them. We took our little parade down our street to the local fire station them came back to our house. We had several wagons that were decorated very cute (ambulance General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard etc). Our son was the marshall of the parade. I decorated his wagon with 5 helium filled balloons a Happy Birthday bannner and birthday tinsel (found at Micheals). I was able to find miniture Radio Flyer wagons from a birthday site online. I used 3 of them for hold napkins cups and condiments on the tables. A small 4x6 in wagon was given to the child with the best decorated wagon. On etsy I found an adorable blue t-shirt with an applique of a wagon and was able to personalize it with my son's name. The wagon parade was a big hit. Cars driving down the road slowed down and waved at the kids and parents. After the parade we had hot dogs burgers chips and cake. The kids played on the wooden swing set that was my son's birthday gift. All the kids loved just playing (most were too young for any structured activity). His cake was a butter cake with white icing with red outline and decorated with a red wagon. Where the words Radio Flyer usually go it read Preston's 1st Birthday. After cake we opened gifts and the kids left with goodie bags. I bought reusable totes (like the ones you purchase at supermarkets and super stores) and on the computer I found a wagon graphic. I traced the graphic onto each bag using a black and silver paint pen and filled in with a red paint pen. I then added the words "This is How I Roll" to the bags. The bags were filled with a 24 pack of crayons (bought at Wal-Mart for 25 cents at Back to School sale) a rubber duckie (from Micheal $ bin) a tub of Play dough (from Micheals $ bin). I also made a coloring book for each kid. I made using clip art from a computer program I had. The title of the coloring was Thing I Saw At Preston's 1st Birthday Party. Pictures included: a hamburger a hotdog a boy and a wagon a swing balloons a birthday cake and presents. We had the party outside in August but we had two outdoor canopies set up with table as chairs. I used red and white checkered table cloths. We had yellow and red cups napkins plates and utensils. I used helium balloons (some with a red wagon and the others were primary colors) to decorate at the corner of the canopies. Everything was adorable and low key. We just wanted something fun memorable and different for our son's first birthday."

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