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Donut Party 3yr



January 2010


Melissa in Fullerton, CA, USA

Honorable Mention


 Last January my husband and I asked our son, who was 2 at the time, what kind of birthday he wanted (his birthday is in July). Without missing a beat he said Donut Party. We laughed, but I was actually pretty intrigued! It was an original idea and it was his idea! So I set to work to try to plan a donut party!  Invitations For the invitations, I found a donut clipart online. I resized it to fit in a 5X7 envelope and printed it. First I traced the whole shape on tan cardstock. Then I cut the clipart apart so that I could make a separate pattern of the icing. I traced that onto dark brown cardstock. Once cut out, the icing sat on top of the cake and I had my donut. I cut thin strips of paper (we chose to go with lime green, turquoise and bright yellow as our colors) and cut those into small pieces and glued them on as sprinkles. I used the wordart option in Microsoft office to type the party information into a big circle. I attached the party information to the back of the donut.  Decorations I made my own Happy Birthday sign out of the colors-lime green, turquoise and bright yellow to hang in the backyard. My husband drew about 10 different large donuts on poster board that I painted and cut out-there were sprinkle donuts, old-fashioned, jelly, chocolate bars, maple bars, twist, etc. He also drew an open box of donuts that I also painted. We hung these around the yard and on the EZ-up posts. We also decorated with crepe paper streamers (in lime green, turquoise and bright yellow).  Activities/Games The kids had a blast just playing in the yard-between the ride-on cars and balls, they were pretty entertained! We also had a donut decorating station. I bought plain donuts from a local donut shop and clear plastic clamshells from the cake shop. I found a donut rubber stamp in the dollar bin at Michael's so I used the donut stamp in brown ink on tan cardstock and then colored the icing/sprinkles with colored pencil. I cut out the donuts and mounted them on a small piece of their lime green, turquoise or bright yellow paper. I then mounted that to the top of the clamshell. I printed the name of each child on a white label and stuck this to the front of the clamshell. I pre-poured icing into small cups and put sprinkles into small cups. Each child got a chef hat, donut in a clamshell, a cup of icing and a cup of sprinkles. With their parents help, the kids decorated their own donut! My husband drew a giant donut on a really big piece of cardboard. I painted it to look like a donut with sprinkles only I left one sprinkle unpainted and traced the outline in a dashed line pattern. I then made sprinkles out of green, turquoise and yellow paper that fit the unpainted sprinkle. I wrote the name of each child on a sprinkle. At the party, the kids played Pin the Sprinkle on the Donut! I found some inner tubes and used tan and dark brown to spray paint the tube to look like a donut. I cut out felt pieces to look like sprinkles and glued these to the inner tube. At the party we used them to play a donut toss game-the kids took turns tossing bean bags into the hole in the tube. After the game the kids had a fun time just playing with the giant donuts! As prizes for the games, I found a set of learning donuts online. It came with 12 plastic donuts and 12 icing pieces. The icing sat on top of the cake to make mix and match donuts. I divided these up and put them into colored lunch sacks stamped with the donut rubber stamp.  Party Snacks/Cake We had the party in the morning (to go with the donut theme and because it gets REALLY hot in July). I made 2 different egg casseroles and some breakfast potatoes. We also had bagels and cream cheese, muffins, fruit and, of course, DOZENS of donuts! We had all kinds of donuts-from hostess and Entenmanns to donut holes and a variety of donuts from local donut shops. We had coffee, chocolate milk, orange juice, juice boxes and bottled water to drink. Since we already had some many sweets, I didn't want to have a cake too. But I did have a local donut shop make some donuts in the shape of a 3. They were about 8 tall and were frosted in chocolate icing and had lime green, turquoise and bright yellow sprinkles on them. 

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