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Greenhouse Party 12-13yr



March 2010


Nazy in Bedford, East Midlands, England

Honorable Mention


Hi I am Nazy. I am having a greenhouse party with one of my friends who lives down the road from me who's birthday is the day before mine. Having a joint party was a big leap because she's also a year younger than me and we have a few friends who have an overlap ans both our friends but a few we're inviting hardly know us. I've been addicted to this site the last month and now tomorrow I'm going to wait to see how all our planning works out.   First of all INVITES: We've done video invites where we recorded ourselves saying all the details and we emailed it to our friends, but some did not have email so we burned it onto disk and gave it to them. To help us plan we sent messages to each other (over various ways like MSN, our favorite was facebook though) every time planning something different till eventually we came up with a plan changed and chipped throughout the month. We brought up a shopping list and later I'm going to buy the last-minute things for tomorrow.  DECORATIONS were simple because you've probably guessed we're having the party in our greenhouse because we live on a plant nursery and this time of year the plants are going to arrive soon - not yet though - so the greenhouse is still clear. You don't have to have it in a greenhouse though, it can be in a normal back yard. We're putting up balloons at the gate and all over the greenhouse and streamers and things nothing overly special but if you want a colour theme that would be cool.  I don't know what the difference is between activities and games so basically the party is going to start at 2 and finish at 5:30. As people arrive they can do apple bobbing, we have a towel ready because the weather is set to be just above freezing (it will be warmer in the greenhouse because it's gonna be sunny). Then we're going to start the party with a celebrity look-alikes GAME where you have a name of a celebrity who looks a bit like you stuck to your back and people have to give you clues to who they are. The first person to shout out who they are right wins loads of sweeties. Then we have an obstacle course, you can vary that on the things you have in your garden. It starts at our pond we chucked a couple of tyres in and seen as the pond is quite shallow they were still slightly above the water level and we put some planks of wood down. But it's not that easy because the first part there are two spherical pieces of wood side by side that do move (we tried it out) and then at the end you've either got to jump to the side or pray your wellies (boots for americans) don't get stuck in the pond. Yeah, its cool that the wellies are just higher than the water line so as long as you're careful you can wade through to the side but it is possible to jump. Then you run through the polly tunnel and hurdle the picket fence surrounding the veg patch then again to leave it. Your feet can't touch the ground as you crawl across the gravel, else 30s is added to your final time. I think some people will think it worth it to add the 30s on. Then you run round the greenhouse in which the party is being hosted in and you've got to commando-crawl under this structure that was put up for growing tomatoes. Then there's this pile of bamboo and each stick of bamboo is tied to another one so you pick up the two peices of bamboo and they are quite long and it's hard to carry them through the slalom (I am sooo sorry I can't remember the word I think that's it). All that carrying a bucket of water. Of course nobody is obliged to do any of the games if they don't want to I know my clean freak best friend (she's hilarious) has already said NO WAY she's going to play with my kittens while the other are doing the obstacle course and I see no reason why not.  Next there's mummy wrap but with a twist. Instead of the innocent who can be the most covered up it's who's the most waterproof when a bucket of water is tipped over their heads. After that we have an innocent game of pass the parcel but it has challenges in some and sweets in other layers and in the middle is my brother's smelly sock! Then at 3:30 approximately we will go and have some FOOD from the BBQ and crisps and a drink and things. It's not lunch and it's not supper it's kind of a mid-way meal. After we've eaten we'll do the cake and open the prezzies and then my favorite GAME!  I saw a game on this website where you had a balloon tied to your ankle and you had to try to keep yours unpopped but you had to pop everyone elses. I also saw another game the infamous shaving cream balloon game where the balloons were filled with shaving cream. So...we merged the games together and vwoila! The parents will probably come to pick up the guests soon so a game you can play with a varying amount of people is ghost. Everyone closes their eyes and someone will have a sheet thrown over their head and they will have to sit down on a chair. Everyone openes their eyes and has to try to guess who's under there.  A funny ending, and also it shows how well the two groups have got to know each other.  For the CAKE and FAVORS well the cake will be a big chocolaty delight. mmmm. And favors well because I live in England I'm not sure what they are I think they are like goody bags. Excuse me if I'm wrong. Basically all the sweeties the guests have won through the activities plus more sweeties and more sweeties.  I can only hope everything goes well tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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