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Super Silly Sammy Day Party 1yr



March 2010


Kimberly in Flat Rock, Michigan

Honorable Mention


My son's first birthday was quickly approaching and his two big sisters had BIG plans for his special day.  We always celebrate in a special way for the very first birthday party.  Sam is a character and he is always trying to make everyone laugh by acting silly.  Around the same time, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came out with an episode where they went on a search for the silly switch because things had gotten out of hand at the clubhouse.  The girls loved this episode and so we planned our Super Silly Sammy Day.  I make invitations for a living, so we captured Sammy in a photo hanging upside down and making a silly face.  His picture was attached to the card that and it had to swing (with a brad insert) away from the card stock in order to read the card details.  The day of the party, we decorated by setting up silly scenes on each of the three tables which were covered with play parachutes from the kids toy bin.  We had legos on one table with trees on cars and people upside down.  We had Pop-Ons placed on another table with a jungle scene and farm.  The animals were all mixed up and cars were in water, etc.  The last table was decorated with little people circus and was mixed up in a silly way like the other tables.  Additional decorations included balloons stuck to the side of the walls (instead of hanging from the ceiling) with the strings standing out parallel to the floor.  We put some of the kids shoes on the wall like they were walking up the wall.  We made hand prints and placed them on the ceiling throughout the first level of the house.  And, the list goes on.  Everything that we could make silly with toys and knick knacks around the house, we did.  When the guests arrived, the girls greeted them with a hat full of cards with special silly requests.  Each guest drew a card and had to follow the directions on the card.  We had preprinted requests like Do the Hot Dog Dance as you move from room to room" and "Speak in Rhyme like you do it all the time."     The guests (neighbors and family from all ages) were given a piece of paper to write down all the silly things they could find.  There was a station setup where everyone could make a silly tall oversized hat to wear at the party.  We collected paper bags at the grocery store and rolled up the bottoms to fit.  There were various decorations (pompoms feathers jewels papers etc.) there for everyone to accessorize their hats as they desired.  The hats turned out adorable and made for a great group photo at the end of the party.  The cake was a three layer cake cut lopsided (intentionally) and decorated with fun dots and stripes and circles in blue yellow and green (party colors).  We made a popsicle stick carousel and glued funny pictures of Sam on like the animals on a carousel.  We had cupcakes too and they were decorated with various silly shapes and patterns.  We made jiggly jello cutouts in animals shapes in fun colors.  After lunch the kids all went on a search for the silly switch--a scavenger hunt through the house to find pieces of a puzzle that made up the switch.  Once they found all the pieces they assembled the switch and turned things back to normal at our house.  We had a great time and some of the best party photos came from this event.  The cost for party supplies was relatively inexpensive because we used many items from around the house or from my overflowing craft recycle bin.  Everyone went home with goody bags that included silly straws silly puddy and silly search and find activity books.  "

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