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Alvin And The Chipmunks Party 4yr



October 2010


Kimberly in Butler, NJ USA

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My daughter wanted an Alvin and the Chipmunks theme for her 4th birthday party. We combined a bit of a rock-n-roll theme with it, since they are rock stars!   INVITATIONS:  I used clipart of the Chipmunks playing the guitars and drums and wrote: You're invited to rock and roll at -------------'s birthday party! With the party information listed below. DECORATIONS: I used the colors red, blue and green- the color of the chipmunk's shirts.  The party was outside.  I set the balloons in groups of three with the red in the front and the blue and green behind- how the Chipmunks stand.  I taped a cut out yellow letter A on each red balloon.  I used red, blue and green tablecloths for all the tables.  I ordered a Chipmunks movie poster and framed it and propped it up on the food table.  DECORATIONS AND ACTIVITIES:   I made Alvin shirts for all of the children.  I got red shirts on sale from AC MOORE (2 for 5) and painted a yellow capital letter A on it.  I cut out a stencil using a shirt box with an exacto knife (hint don't cut out the triangle in the middle of the A- attach it to the side because it is easier to fill in the line vs making the triangle.)  I put all of them on wire hangers and hung them on my outside deck railing.  This made a great presentation when all the kids arrived.  Once they came they got to pick out a shirt, color chipmunk coloring sheets, and make scratch guitars (small black guitars that you scratch with stick with neon colors under it from OT)until all the kids arrived.  Then I did a structured activity- a hula hoop obstacle course (for the x-mas chipmunk song all I want is a hula hoop).  I work in a school and could borrow them, but they are at the dollar store and would make a great party gift too.  Once they completed the course they got a prize- a blow up guitar.  Once everyone went through they each got a red goodie bag with a yellow letter A glued on it.  After this, I had centers set up for the kids to do at their own will.  I did this because my daughter likes to do her own thing at b-day parties, not too much structured activities where she has to wait for a turn on a long line.  For each center I made a sign using the Elson letter machine and I also glued on a chipmunk picture to each one (found on google images).  The signs made it look festive and they were actually part of the decorations for the party.  I taped and stuck them in the ground using gardening sticks at each center.  THE CENTERS 1. Rock Star Tattoos  2. Find the Rock Star Silly Bandz in the sandbox (on sign I wrote limit 5 per person). 3. Make a Rock Star necklace- finding the beads in a rice bin then stringing them. 4. Pin the A on the Alvin- I drew an Alvin on a poster board and used cut-out letter A's for the kids to pin on him.  Some kids wanted to be blindfolded and others didn't. Prize (for everyone)- rock star glasses 5.  Feed the Chipmunks the cheese balls- bouncing ping pong balls into bowls.  I used orange ping pong balls and set out 3 bowls on the driveway.  I taped a picture of each Chipmunk behind each bowl by taping the bottom of the picture to the top of the bowl so that it stuck upright. Prize- guitar bubbles 6. Karaoke- I bought a rock star stage drape and a karaoke machine.  I actually could hang the drape from my deck.  I played the Chipmunks soundtrack and a kids songs CD to sing along to. Many of the kids did not know the Chipmunk songs and we played the children's songs the most. Prize- echo microphone.  I also took all of my daughter's toy instruments and had them out there for this center.  I had an adult at each center to help the kids, explain the games, and hand out the prizes.  It was unstructured so the kids could spend as little or as much time as they wanted at each center.  FOOD: Next the kids had a light lunch- rock star shaped sandwiches cut out with a star cookie cutter and of course cheese balls!  CAKE: I bought the McDonald's plastic chipmunks characters on E-bay and used them on a cake decorated as a stage.  I kept it a surprise for my daughter and she was super excited to see them.  While the kids ate I made sure they all got one of the prize from each of the centers in their goodie bag.  Next I handed out candy bags for the pinata- again, red with a glued yellow letter A on it.  We did a guitar pinata as our last activity.  I put all the hula hoops in a line and each kid stood in one until it was their turn.  FAVORS: The kids went home with the items they won from the party (blow-up guitar, echo microphone, glasses, bubbles, necklace, shirt, scratch guitars, coloring sheets, candy).  My daughter loved it and she can't wait until her next party!

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