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Disney Party 3yr



October 2010


Samantha in Mount Pleasant, TN USA

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For my son's 3rd birthday I decided to do a Disney theme. He couldn't decide on just one character so we did many. For the Invitations I purchased Mickey Mouse Invitations from PartyCity. For the first stop we did Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I used all of the different colors of the clubhouse in balloons and streamer. I tied balloons to a string and wrapped it all the way around the poles of our front porch on both sides of the entryway and I used a Mickey Mouse banner to go across the top of the entryway and also strung balloons to it. I cut out circles in red, yellow, and blue posterboard and taped them to the porch and had Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse" on them.  When the kids arrived we told them that they were going to be Mousketeers for the day and I gave them mickey mouse ears I purchased at PartyCity.I played the Mickey Mouse theme song as everyone was coming in. Then we played a game using the "hot dog dance" from the show. The game had Mickey Mouse heads which I cut out of red posterboard and placed stickers of the Mickey characters on the back. The kids would dance around and when the music stopped they had to pick up a Mickey mouse head and look at the sticker. If they picked up the Donald sticker they were out of the game until the last kid was standing. That kid received a prize which was a Mickey Mouse bingo game purchased at the Dollar Mart. After the game I told them that now it is time to venture to the Hundred Acre Wood. I played the Winnie the Pooh theme song while the kids walked to the next destination. I used cloud balloons purchased from Celebrate Express and tied them to a blue fishing net and hung it from some tree branches to look like a sky for the Hundred Acre Wood. When the children arrived I told them that Eeyore had lost his tail again and we had to help him put it back on. I found a picture of Eeyore in a giant coloring book and cut out tails from felt and tied a bow onto them. The kids then played an Eeyore version of "pin the tail on the donkey". The winner of this game received a prize which was a pooh bear jump rope purchased at PartyCity. Then we played another game which was called Rabbit's carrot toss game. I used a box top and cut out circles and covered it with a garbage bag to look like dirt then used paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls and covered them with orange construction paper I drew black lines on with a pen to look like the carrots lines then i stuck green tissue paper into the tops to look like the carrot's stem. We let the kids throw the rings at the carrots to see how many they could make it onto the winner of this game received a pooh bear punch ball also purchased at PartyCity. Next it was time to go on a treasure hunt with Peter Pan. We did a color search treasure hunt. I printed out the clues on card stock and then took a damp tea bag and dabbed the card stock turning it a light brown to give it an antique look. Then after it dried I cut it out and glued the clue to the different colors of construction paper which I cut into an arch shape. Each kid got to find a different color which was hidden in different places in our yard. We did a rhyme on each color directing each kid to the next color. Once all the colors were found we layed them out on the ground and asked the kids what they had formed. It was a rainbow. Now it was time to find the treasure.  I had decorated my son's swingset to look like a pirate's cove. I used a black posterboard and drew a pirate's skull with a bandana on his head and a pirate's eye patch and glued it onto the posterboard and hung it over the slide. There was a sign on the ladder to the playhouse where the slide was that said pirates enter here. Under the slide where the sandbox was I had used purple and green (Tinkerbell's colors) string and taped it to a piece of crepe paper and made a curtain to go around the sand box and said Fairies enter here. I made treasure chests out of boxes covered with brown box paper and made a lock out of construction paper I then drew a rainbow on the side of each treasure chest that the kids had to find to find their treasure. Each kid had a treasure goody bag inside the treasure chest. I put candy and tattoos in the goody bags. Then I tied toy swords to the boy's goody bags that I bought at the dollar mart and the girls got butterfly wands attached to their good bags also purchased at the dollar mart. Next it was time to go to Radiator springs to eat lunch at Flo's V8 cafe. I used red and black streamer to decorate our porch. We had hamburgers hotdogs chips and dip. After everyone ate I told them that it was time to go to wonderland because the Red Queen requested them to play croquet with her. I used a play tunnel and had the kids crawl through the "rabbit hole". While I played the cheshire cat song from Alice in Wonderland. To decorate Wonderland I used different colored lights and placed them in a big tree in our yard. I bought paper lanterns and placed them everywhere. I made a cheshire cat which I cut out of a box lid and put crystalized christmas lights that were white and blue through his eye holes to look like his eyes were glowing blue and I put one through his mouth to make it glow also. I hung the cheshire cat in the tree so it looked like only his head was present. I cut out circles of styrofoam and attached a picture of each kid's face to it. I placed the styrofoam circles on fake flower stems and using different colored tissue paper made flower petals around the kid's faces. I placed the flower's in a big piece of styrofoam so they would stand up  for the talking flowers from the movie. After arriving in Wonderland the kids played croquet using yard flamingos as the mallet and I took white posterboards and drew them to look like the playing cards and taped them to pieces of coat hangers which i had bent for the wickets. The kids each took turns until the game was over. The winner of this game received a prize. I found bubble wands that looked like caterpillars at the dollar mart. This was the prize for that game. Next it was time for cake which we ate at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I had a picnic table lined with a polka dotted tablecloth. I had brightly colored polka dotted balloons sitting on the table tied to a tea pot for the center piece. There were brigtly colored cups of different sizes sitting all around the table.I made flower center pieces out of tye-dyed suckers placed in styrofoam balls. I had the sucker flowers placed inside of plastic icecream cups with blue and pink polka dots. I had the "Very Merry Unbirthday party" song playing. The cake was a topsy turvy cake I made. I also had cupcakes for the kids that said "Eat Me". I bought kool-aid drinks and made labels that said "Drink Me" and tied them on with string. After everyone ate cake my son opened his presents. Then everyone received an "Unbirthday present" which was a chinese gift box with polka dots on them which contained a pack of playing cards and candy.     "

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