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Victorious Party -9yr-



January 2011


Cathy in Bettendorf, Iowa, USA

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For my daughter's 9th birthday we had a Victorious Party and invited her guests to spend a day at Hollywood Arts High School.

For the INVITATIONS I copied a picture of the Victorious cast from the Nickelodeon website and inserted text boxes with the party info. I ordered the photos from Walgreens (ready in an hour!) and glued them to colored card stock. On the back of the invitation I printed the schedule for the day at Hollywood Arts.  Our schedule looked like this: 5pm Arrival- report to lockers (decorate lockers),5:30 Dinner in Cafeteria, 6 Acting Class (charades), 6:30 Dance Class (freeze dance), 7 Art Class (surprise art activity), 7:30 Music Class (musical chairs), 8 Kickback Party (pinata, cake, presents, free time), 9 Television Class (watch an episode of Victorious),9:30 Class Dismissed (bedtime!). 

For DECORATIONS we did streamers, balloons, banners, etc. There were no Victorious paper goods avaialable in local stores so we went with tie-dyed instead.

We had many ACTIVITIES and GAMES at the party. Upon arrival we passed out the Hollywood Arts High School schedule for the day and started with locker shelves for the kids to decorate with glitter glue and foamies. I searched around for days trying to find mini metal lockers but finding none settled on a shelf for each child's locker (we were at Hollywood Arts High School, after all!). Soon it was time for dinner in the cafeteria."  We had a menu for the kids to read and they came through the cafeteria line & chose their food. We offered Sinjin's spaghetti Tori's tomato sauce Sikowitz's sausages Trina's tasty bread Andre's applesauce Beck's baked beans & Robbie's rootbeer.

Our dessert menu featured Cat's cake Rex's raspberry sherbet & Jade's jello. After dinner we headed to Acting Class where we played "Kids on Stage a charades game where each child draws a card and acts out the simple picture depicted there (animals such as kangaroos or ducks, actions such as playing piano or ice skating, or objects such as a table or pants). They could have continued acting for longer but we had many more activities to fit in! Next we got active at Dance Class where we played freeze dance using music from Victorious.

Then on to Art Class-- the hit of the night. We surprised the kids by having tie-dye! I bought pink, yellow, and blue dye and I found nice long sleeved white t-shirts for a decent price at Justice and had the kids take their time putting many small rubberbands on their shirts. I put cardboard & newspaper on my bathroom floor & had plastic gloves ready for the kids to wear while draping their shirts in buckets of Rit dye. Most of the kids chose to do one sleeve pink, one sleeve blue, and the body yellow, which resulted in rainbow colors when the primary colors met at the shoulders.

Their shirts turned out really well! While I was cleaning up the tie-dye & washing the shirts my husband led Music Class- musical chairs (we used pillows to make it easier than hauling out all those chairs) and he started the Kickback Party off with the pinata.  He even added a pillow fight just for fun!  Then we had cake,ice cream,& jello (following our dessert menu), and presents, followed by free time.  During free time our shirts were washed so I had all the girls take the rubberbands off their shirts & admire their handiwork before I put them in the dryer. After a while we put on pjs, got settled in, & watched an episode of Victorious before class was dismissed & everyone fell asleep!

There were no COSTUMES necessary for this party.

PARTY SNACKS included dinner as well as a pancake breakfast.

For the CAKE we took an extra picture from the invitation, cut out the Victorious characters, taped a toothpick to the back of each one, & stood them up on the cake. We added some cake/candy shapes sold in the frosting aisle, some plastic balloons from a previous cake from the grocery store,& rainbow-striped sour belt candy around the edge for a colorful border. Of course we wrote Happy Birthday to the birthday girl on there too!

The party FAVORS our guests went home with included the tie-dyed t-shirt, the locker shelf, pinata candy & favors, & a small cloth basket for their locker (found at the dollar store). It was defintitely a victorious" party and a fun-filled day at Hollywood Arts High School!"

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