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Beyblade Let It Rip Party 7yr



March 2011


Tanna in Victoria, BC, Canada

Honorable Mention


My son wanted a Beyblade party for his 7th birthday and invited 22 kids to our home.  Invitation: We made invitations out of circles cut out of old file folders.  We glued on a photo of my son's beyblade on one side and glued on a white circle with coloured strips to look like a spinning Beyblade printed with the party information on the other side.  It said X's Beyblade Let It Rip! 7th Birthday Party" followed by details and "Important: Bring your best Beyblade to battle." Decorations: lots of coloured streamers crossing in the centre of the room.  At the cross point we stapled 2 coloured star shapes touching each other as if the stars were colliding (symbolizing the beys crashing into each other).  A picture of a different beyblade was glued in the centre of each star.  We had colourful helium balloons and a big sign that said "Let It Rip" with the flame type decoration.  Pictures of Beyblades and the characters from the show were placed around the room and were used as a centrepiece on the food table. Activities: 1. On arrival guests coloured a colouring sheet I printed off the internet of a blader ready to rip his beyblade.  2. When everyone was there we went on a scavenger hunt to find the two arenas for the beyblade tournament.  We wrote a letter to introduce the hunt. "Dear bladers Welcome to X's Let It Rip Beyblade Tournament!  Are you missing something?  Where are the arenas? You didn't invite us Dark Bladers so we hid them.  Boo haa haa! We left you some clues about where they are hidden.  If you are clever you can find them and have your tournament.  Good luck. From The Dark Bladers." The kids loved the hunt. 3. We then had battles in the arenas. We left it freeform as opposed to creating charts of who plays who due to the huge number of kids and their young age.  Each child wore a lanyard with the party logo and a number.  Each time they won a battle they got a star sticker on their lanyard.  Some kids collected a lot of stars. 4. A craft area where they were told "You are a Beyblade Scientist and need to design a Beyblade logo for a new Beyblade". 5. A Lego room where they were told to build a spinning top that worked out of lego and then they battled with them. 6. They played the Wii Beyblade game. 7. We had a star shaped pinata filled with little plastic spinning tops and candy. Games: 1. Pin the Beyblade on the arena.  We cut out a black arena shape and put a red circle in the centre with the Beyblade logo in the very centre that they were to hit with their cutouts of photos of beyblades with tape on the back. 2. Hot Beyblade. We used the music from the Beyblade TV show intro to play pass the Beyblade (like hot potato).  When the music stopped the one holding the Beyblade had to pretend to die and then the rest of the team passed the bey again when the music went on.  The "dead" bladers were "revived" with a small chocolate bar each but were out of the game. 3. Drop the beyblade into the arena.  Like drop the clothespeg into the bottle but with a beyblade and a soft landing made from tissue in a small container. Party Snacks: We had cheese pizza because it is round like a Beyblade pigs in blankets Rice Krispie squares shaped like an arena with two smarties attached inside the arena with icing as the beyblades cheese crisps made in the shape of stars caramel corn and fruit tray. Cake: The cake topper was a slightly smaller version of a Beyblade arena shaped and made out of Rice Krispie treats.  This was covered with black fondant.  The dragon decoration logos and the lettering on the actual arena were replicated out of gum paste and stuck to the sides of the arena.  Two real Beyblades were placed inside the arena. The topper sat on a big round cake iced blue with the launchers and other Beyblade accessories placed around the side of the arena.  The coolest part of the cake was that my son and a friend actually launched their Beyblades into the "cake" arena after he blew out the candles.  Then the rest of his friends wanted to try too and the arena held up.  You could eat the arena too!  He loved it and his friends thought it was pretty amazing to use the cake as an arena. Favours: I found mini "crash top arenas" at the dollar store for $1.50 each and "fake" Beyblades for $1.50 to $3.  They got a chocolate sucker I made in the shape of birthday items - cupcakes cakes party hats.    My son and his friends had an amazing time and raved about the party afterwards. "

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