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Tangled/Rapunzel Party 4yr



April 2011


Amanda in Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Honorable Mention


For my daughters 4th birthday this year she wants a Tangled/Rapunzel theme.  So I'm making her invitations myself, there's a picture from the movie that she loves so I'm using that for the invites, and the invitation says Come get tangled with us as we celebrate the 4th birthday of Princess Lorelae" then underneath that is the date/time/location.  Decorations: On the front door I'm making a yellow braid out of lots of yarn to resemble Rapunzel's long hair it's going to drape over both sides of the door so you can see it from both inside and out. From the loft area above the staircase I'm going to hang another much larger cluster of yellow yarn for Rapunzel's hair. Along the wall going up the stairs I'll hang cutouts of the characters from the movie that I'm making myself. Throughout the house I'll be hanging purple triangles banner (Like from the movie with the purple triangles with the yellow sun on each one) I'll also be making that myself.  The Tangled movie will be playing during the party as well as the Tangled soundtrack.  I bought a long canvas which I'm painting the Rapunzel Tower on which my daughter will keep in her playroom long after the party.  I'll also draw up some Wanted posters of Flynn Rider from the movie and hang those all around.  I'm making a honeycomb style centerpiece with Rapunzel & Rider & Maximus (pic off of movie cover) popping from the top of the paper honeycomb. We're going to have Purple Pink and Blue balloons to match the Tangled decor and table accessories.  The dinner/cake plates cups napkins cutlery will be solid pink/purple and some Tangled theme.  The table cloth for the rectangular table where the food will be will have the Tangled theme table cloth while the round table will have a purple table cloth where the presents will go. Games/Entertainment: when everyone first arrives the kids will have a station set up on the porch where they will decorate their own paper lantern. Once all the kids arrive they will then make green craft foam chameleon blowers which I found the idea online.  I'm going to draw a Wanted Flynn Rider poster on large foamcore poster board for a pin the tail style game. In the movie they make a big deal over Riders nose being different in each picture so I'll make up a bunch of different noses and the kids will try to pin the nose on the poster.  We'll also have a pinata but there are currently no Tangled theme pinatas so I will have a sun pinata to go with the suns that play a large part in the movie.  The prizes for the Pin the nose game will be sidewalk chalk because Rapunzel draws during the festival on the sidewalks with chalk.  I'm also going to have flowers and ribbons for the girls to decorate their hair with like Rapunzel did during the festival.  My daughter will be wearing her Rapunzel dress we got her from Walmart ($20). Food: For food she wants to have pizza so we'll order pizzas. I'm also going to have fruit set out and chips. I'm going to put the fruit/chips etc in small frying pans (also from the movie).  I'm also making blue jello cups with orange slice "boats" on top like the boat scene from the movie (also got this idea online).  I'm making her birthday cake myself. It's going to be a round cake and I'm going to make the Tower on top (3D of course) out of rice crispy treats and fondant. And I'll have matching cupcakes for all the party guests.  for Favors for the adults (lots of family and friends coming) I'm making cake pops and for the kids favors I'll give out individual watercolor paint sets (idea online as well) because Rapunzel spends most of her time in the tower painting. At the end of the party when all guests are leaving I'm going to give each child a balloon with LED lights inside to release outside like the lantern festival from the movie. And that will provide a great wrap up to a great 4th birthday party for my little girl.  "

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