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Dragon Party 6yr



May 2011


Erin in Madison, WI, USA

Honorable Mention


For my son's 6th Birthday he wanted a dragon theme. Invitations:  We used a picture of a dragon and wrote You are invited to ____'s Birthday Celebration!  We let them know that a lunch of dragon tails (hot dogs) and sides would be served. Decorations:  We used blue and silver decorations because those are my son's favorite colors.  We used a blue tablecloth and silver helium balloons tied down with dragon figures.   We also had a dragon pinata hanging in the tree outside our home. Games:  As the guests arrived we played dragon tag.  Each child got a piece of paper streamer to tuck in their pants as a dragon tail.  One child was the dragon catcher (tagger) and had to pull the dragon tails (streamers) to catch the dragons.  After everyone had arrived we broke into 2 teams for some relay races.  The first was the dragon egg relay played just like the egg on a spoon relay.  We used plastic easter eggs and balanced them on spoons.  Then we played egg keeper.  Each team got a ball which was the dragon egg.  My husband stood on the opposite end of the kids and pretended to be the egg snatcher.  When he faced away from them they could run to him and when he turned around they had to stop and sit on the ball to hide it from him.  Then when he turned around again they continued running to him until they made it to him and then ran back to their team for the next person to go.  After that the teams split to go on different missions.  One team went on a scavenger hunt in our yard.  The prize at the end was a sword pen that was buried in our sandbox.  The other team played a dragon bean bag toss game that we made out of cardboard with a picture of a castle and dragon with holes cut in the castle windows.  They also played a catapult game with catapults we made from craft sticks and let the kids take home.  They shot little tin foil balls at a castle with a toy dragon sitting on top.  Then both teams came together to slay the dragon.  We made a dragon pinata ( and the kids took turns hitting it with a toy sword.  Last we played hot dragonĀ similar to hot potato we passed a toy dragon around to music and when the music stopped the child holding the dragon was out but got to keep the dragon he was holding.  Then we started the music again with a new dragon. Party Snacks:  We served the kids a simple lunch that was themed around dragons.  Hot dogs were dragon tails Grapes were dragon eyes Watermelon slices were dragon spikes Chips were dragon wings Salsa was dragon breath Carrots were dragon claws Cucumbers were dragon scales and punch was dragon blood.  My son doesn't care for cake so we made ice cream sundaes for dessert.  The kids had fun putting their own toppings on. "

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