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Greek Goddess Party 10yr



October 2011


Fiona in Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada

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My daughter loved the Percy Jackson books, and moved from there into Greek Mythology. Since it was to be an all girls party, we chose Greek Goddess as our theme for her 10th birthday party. 

INVITATIONS: We printed the invitations on parchment looking paper, with a picture of a greek temple. The invitation wording was: Dear Goddess in Training,  Athena invites you to a training session in honour of the 10th Birthday of Rhianna, Goddess of Equines.  You will be sent on quests, perform heroic deeds, and learn about mythical creatures to prepare you for your future role as a Goddess.  Please don your finest Greek attire and come to 60 Anystreet. In Your Town on Saturday, June 25th from 2pm to 4:30pm. R.S.P.V. to the Goddess of Revelries by June 21st at emailaddress  ***-***-****.  

DECORATIONS: We bought inexpensive grape vines and draped them everywhere. We also used some pictures of Greek temples that we blew up and printed in colour. Most of the party was outside, so we didn't need much decorations.  

COSTUME: All the girls came in costume. They were very creative, there were some modifications of the basic toga and some white sundresses, all with the addition of gold rope around the waist and some more grape vines as a wreath.  ACTIVITIES: The theme was training to be Goddesses, so we started by identifying and colouring some mythological creatures which we posted as part of the d├ęcor. Then we did a greek gods and goddesses wordsearch. I printed out a playing card game of Greek myths which we used to play a group game of concentration. 

GAMES: The first game was an obstacle course/relay race to retrieve the Oracle's message which would tell them where to find the Golden Fleece (made from gold felt). First, they had to escape the labrinth (string in a spiral on the floor), Next they had to race through the rest of the obstacle course and retrieve part of the oracle's message from Pandora's Box (don't open it too far!) Once the team had all of their clues, they had to unscramble them. The three teams had different clues. One was: If you want to find the fleece, ask the Goddess of Reveleries's Niece! Also Find the fleece, join in the fun, ask the Goddess of Revelerie's son! The two 6 year olds were given the pieces of felt at the beginning of the party and told to hide it until asked for it. It gave the little ones something special to do.   The second game was escaping from Hades.  We mixed up the myths a bit here! First they had to get across the river Styx by throwing gold coins into little boats. Then, in pairs, one was blindfolded and then talked through a series of pylons by their partner, who couldn't look back at them (like Eurydice being rescued by Orpheus). If they looked back, they had to start again.  Then they had to get past Cyrus the 3 headed dog (who was played by the two 6 year olds, and an uncle.) The girls had to figure out a way to distract him and escape. We found a great picture for this look under Harry Potter/Fluffy.   The last game was stealing the Grey Sisters' Eye and Tooth. We had two plastic versions of an eye and a tooth. They took turns being the Grey Sisters, who are blindfolded and given wet sponges. The rest had to sneak up and steal the eye or tooth. We put a tarp down to make it louder and more challenging. When one of the sisters heard movement they threw a sponge. If you were hit by a sponge, you had to go back to the beginning.  

PARTY SNACKS: We had Greek food" olives olive flavoured chips grapes greek yogourt and feta cheese. We supplemented with some regular cheese crackers and fruit. Drinks were lemonade and sparkling grape juice served in plastic wine glasses. 

CAKE: For the cake I made cupcakes and iced them in blue. I wrote Happy Birthday Rhianna in white Greek letters (one letter on each) courtesy of Google translates.

FAVOURS: We gave out honey sticks gold chocolate coins Percy Jackson bookmarks and a discus (Frisbee). Found some little purses that said goddess on them and fit everything except the frisbees in them. "

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