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Beyblade Party 7yr



November 2011


Janice in Monroe,NC,USA

Honorable Mention


My sons 7th birthday party is not till the end of November we have been planing for almost 2 months now.  Invitations:  I copied a picture from the internet of the beyblade characters and using photo shop I put the information on the photo, Child's name 7th birthday party date time location, and put a note for each child to bring a beyblade if they had one. I also added a photo of my son and sent it to a local printer by e-mail and had 36 copies made for only $13.  We handed them out. Decorations:  I used primary colors for plate’s balloons table covers etc. I will purchase all from the dollar store.  I also drew a picture of one of the characters on a poster board to hang by the arenas. Activities and games: Upon arrival the kids can decorate a paper bag that will be filled with candy threw out the party this will be their goody bag. They will also decorate a paper circle to look like a beyblade for a game well play later they will have stickers and crayons to decorate with. When all the children have arrived and decorated their bag and blade we will start the games off by telling them that we are going to have a beyblade tournament but before we can battle we must train and that everyone will be training as groups.  The children will then be separated into two teams that will be determined by color bands (or something to determine a difference between teams) when they are with their team mates they will have to complete 3 sets of challenges   First set is strength: play tug a war and red rover   Second is speed: play red light green light and have a relay race running with a balloon between their knees first team to get all their players to the other side wins.  Third is accuracy: play Simon says and pin the beyblade on the arena  (I drew an arena on poster board And the kids used their beys they decorated at the beginning) At the end of each challenge we gave the winning team candy for their bags. Now that the training is over we need to recharge before we battle this is when we had cake and ice cream. Then we let the kids battle their blades if they did not wish to battle they could color. I printed some beyblade color sheets I goggled printable beyblade color sheets. I purchased an arena combo set at Wall-Mart for $30. It came with two beyblades and the arena. We will play the theme song during the battling it can be downloaded from  After every kid that wants to battle has a turn we will let my son open his gifts and will make sure every child has candy to take home. They also get to keep their bands (if purchased).  Cake and favors: I will make a circle cake and decorate it to look like a beyblade or I will do a rectangle cake to look like an arena and purchase beys to put on the cake: party favors will be the bands that will come from if we use the bands and candy from the games.  I have learned in the past the little toy favors typically break before the kids get them home and they would be happiest just getting candy so we don’t worry much with favors. A guess on my total expense will be $156.00 

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