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Messy Party 6-12yr



April 2012


Jenni in Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Honorable Mention


MESSY PARTY! This is a really fun party!!!!  INVITATIONS An invitation with neon colored spatter paints all over is an eye-catcher and looks like it will be a super fun party. And it will! Have approximately 10 or less people. Make sure to note on the invitations to wear clothes you don't care about.  LOCATION The location of the party should either be at an average to large sized park or if you have a large backyard or frontyard. At the party, have tables with table cloths, picnic tables or fold up tables. DO NOT HAVE IT IN YOUR HOME! You will be left with a big mess! It's called a messy party, after all!  THE PARTY BEGINS! Activity 1 Make a Frame: When the people begin to arrive, start the first activity. It's not super messy, but it will get messy soon! Get cheap wooden craft frames for each person. You can get these at craft stores. While you're at the craft store, get about four different colors of colored duct tape. Make sure these colors are solid and not neon, because you'll need neons for another part of the frame! Now let everyone cover their frames in tape! If the kids are younger, help them if they need it. Now, leave the frames on the table and begin the second activity!  Activity 2 Egg Toss: Now let's REALLY get messy! Go out onto some grass at the park or wherever you are, I recommend a park, and have everyone get into partners of two. Give each set of partners a regular egg, not boiled or scrambled or anything, just a plain egg with the yolk inside and everything. Then, it's time to have an egg toss, like a water balloon toss! If you really want to have fun, fill some water balloons with something like chocolate sauce or mustard!  Activity 3 Worms and Mud: Time to head back to the tables. Before the party, maybe a day before, fill pie tins, (enough for each kid) with chocolate pudding and Oreo cookie crumbs, like a mud dessert. Inside each mud dessert, put three gummy worms inside, buried as much as possible. Now, here's the game, each kid gets a tin of mud. With their hands behind their backs, they have to find and eat all the worms in their mud. They can use only their face! No hands! Whoever finds and eats all their worms first is the winner!  Activity 4 Shaving Cream Ice Skating: This is a favorite! Get back on the grass. Get a large piece of plastic, almost like plastic wrap, but huge! Stake it into the ground. Now it just looks like a big piece of plastic wrap staked to the ground. Because it is! Now, give everyone a small can of spray on shaving cream. Everyone can spray their shaving cream onto the plastic wrap. Once the can are empty and the plastic wrap is filled with shaving cream on top of it, it's time to go ice skating! It depends on how big your plastic wrap piece is, but maybe about five people at a time to glide around on the plastic wrap! Some like to try to run around on the plastic without falling down, because it's slippery! But it can be fun to fall down!  Activity 5 Noodle Tag: Stay on the grass! Make a big pot of noodles the day before! Two people are it" and they get to throw noodles! They run around throwing noodles at everyone else. If you're hit by noodles you have to sit down until one person is left standing. If you want extra fun throw noodles with tomato sauce.  Activity 6: CAKE TIME! The cake time is a little surprise for the birthday kid. If you would like to get two cakes. One small cheap one you can buy at the store with no writing or anything just plain with frosting. I doesn't even have to taste good. The second cake should be like a big sized one of the mud and worm activity. But a big chocolate cake with chocolate frosting Oreo cookie crumbs on top and gummy worms. Even "Happy Birthday ...." and candles. So take the first boring cake out and pretend it's the real cake. Without any candles start singing Happy Birthday and right in the middle of the song smash the boring cake in the birthday kid's face! It'll be silly and fun so make sure it's on camera! Then make sure you bring out the real chocolate cake so you can actually eat some cake.  Activity 7:FOOD FIGHT!!! This will be the best part! Make sure you have some sticky and messy food fight foods! I suggest chocolate and strawberry ice cream syrups sticky rice some to the left over noodles from Noodle Tag leftover chocolate birthday cake (so you don't have to worry about having to keep leftovers) whipped cream and some favorites pureed like a smoothie peas carrots or beets! Just let them run free throwing food at each other! Believe me they get a kick out of this!  Activity 8: Splatter Paint! Time to return to the tables. Remember those wooden frames that we covered in duct tape? Time to use them! Using different colored neon paints use paint brushes to fling the paint onto your frames. Now the frames are bright! Another splatter paint thing is give the birthday kid a new t-shirt and snorkel goggles to cover their eyes and nose. Everyone has to splatter paint the birthday kid's shirt while the birthday kid's wearing it! Now that everyone is as messy as can be take a picture!  THANKS FOR COMING! Party favors will not be given out as everyone's leaving but when the thank-you card is given out. The party favor can be given even if you're mailing the thank-you card. All it is is the picture you took when everyone was really messy. Now this picture can go in your frame you made at the party!  Thanks for taking a look at this party!"

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