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Tenth Tutus And Tennis Shoes Party 10yr



June 2012


K. in Meridian, MS

Honorable Mention


My daughter's love the song Tutu's and Tennis Shoes by Shaniah and since she was turning 10" I thought that would be a perfect theme for her 10th Birthday.   Invitations: The Invitation read: You are invited to wear your Tutus and Tennis Shoes and party with us as we celebrate (my daughter's name) 10th Birthday. I sent the invitations out 3 weeks before the party to allow the parents enough time to get their daughter's a tutu to wear to the party.  Decorations: The theme colors were the neon colors. Bright pink orange lime green yellow blue and purple. The party was held in our billards room (a former garage that was closed in). I made 12 of the fluffy paper balls from tissue papers using the same color theme and hung them from the ceiling. I used three tableclothes and made a backdrop in front of one of the windows in the room so the girls could take pictures in front of it(the table clothes had hibiscus flowers on them). I found some hibiscus peper cut outs from the dollar tree and I used double sided tape to hang them on the walls. I got neon colored balloons and tied them to the folding chairs. I had the same hibiscus table clothes on the tables. I had t-shirts made for my daughter myself and my mother. My 2 years old son also had on a shirt which said: Tutu's are for girls but I have on my tennis shoes! And a picture of a tutus with an X over it. I ordered the t-shirts from She does an excellent job! I also had a sign for the door and a Happy Birthday post stuck in the yard.  Food: We had Pizza Chicken Salad Pasta Salad chips drinks and or course Cake. There was plenty for everyone and we had food left over. The Cake was a pair of pink coverse tennis shoes and a seperate round cake with tulle on it and the neon colors with the number "10" on top. It was strawberry. Everyone had a fit over it and it was delicious! We also had a candy buffet set up with candies that matched the party colors (neon).  Entertainment: I hired a DJ and pretty much the entertainment for the evening. He played age appropriate music and even had a track so that Justin Beiber could sing Happy Birthday to my daughter. She was ALL SMILES! The kids danced so much and really enjoyed themselves. The party was from 4:00-8:00pm and even at 8:00 no one was ready to leave lol.   Party Favors: I made a CD for the guest and put (my daughter's name)'s Favorite Songs label on the Jewel Case. I bought the neon colored blank CD's from Office Depot. There were 12 tracks on the CD and I made the labels myself with her pictures in the background. The kids also had treat bags using the candy from the candy buffet. I also had a label for the treat bags which said "Thank you for making my birthday special"  I ordered my daughter's tutu online so no one would have on one like her. It was hot pink purple and lime green. She wore her converse and high pink tights underneath her tutu. Our guest were also "tutu cute" with their Tutu's and Tennis Shoes on! There were 24 kids and 9 adults and EVERYONE enjoyed themselves. Everyone told me how nice it was at how creative the party theme was. "

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