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Messy Party 11yr



July 2012


Sherry in Penfield, NY 14526

Honorable Mention


For my son's 11th birthday we decided on a Messy theme.  We had a great time and his friends have been talking about it for weeks.  My son made his own invitations on the computer complete with drippy letters and a big pig soaked in mud.  It had all the party information,and explained that kids should wear clothes that could get ruined.  It didn't take a lot of time or money to make this work, just some creativity and bravery.  We set it up as a bunch of challenges and kept score as to which child won each activity.  The winner got to hit my son in the face with a pie at the end.  That was quite a motivator!  The first activity we had was Blind Body Painting".  I used a recipe I found online to make my own body paints out of cold cream and cornstarch.  I put 3 colors in a bowl for each pair of boys and they had a q-tip.  The boy holding the paint was blindfolded and the other boy wore cheap goggles we got at the Dollar Tree in case of accidents. I called out what they needed to do for example: "put a yellow star on their left cheek" and they had to work together to make this happen.  After 3 directions they switched and the other partner did the painting.  We judged which pair had tattoos that looked most like the directions and both boys earned a point.  Next was "Condiment Twister".  We used our Twister board but covered the circles with pasta sauce mustard relish and grape jelly.  They played until only one child was left and that was our winner.  Then was an "Egg Toss".  The boys partnered up and threw the eggs to each other taking a step back after each successful catch. The pair who had the farthest successful throw both got a point.  "Shave a Balloon" was next.  Half the boys got a balloon covered in shaving cream and a parter had to shave it with a razor. The one who did the quickest job without it popping got a point.  Then their parter had a turn.  If their balloon popped they were out.  After that was the "Gummy Bear" race.  Each child had a pie tin filled with whipped cream and 5 gummy bears.  The first child to eat all 5 candies without using their hands was the winner.  For the next activity we pulled the gloppy Twister game over to a small hill we have at the side yard to start a relay. The boys were divided into two teams.  They had to slide down the twister run and pop a balloon (they were filled with water flour or shaving cream) climb up the slide and put an egg on a spoon go down the slide (it was covered with spaghetti) keep the egg in tact run to the egg carton and drop off the egg then go to a baby pool we had filled with mud and find a small bead.  After they did all that they ran back and tagged the boy who is next in line so he could go.  We timed the teams to see which was fastest and all the boys on that team earned a point.  After that we had a "Seed Spitting" contest.  We placed a large tarp on the ground and each boy had a huge wedge of watermelon.  They spit the seeds and the winner was the one who spit the farthest. "Cheeto Head" was next.  Half the boys put on a bath cap that came from the Dollar Tree and the other half had a bag of Cheetos.  We covered the bath caps with shaving cream.  Their partner had to toss Cheetos and see how many he could get to stick.  Then they switched places.  We counted them and the winner had the most Cheetos stick.  For "Flour Tag" I filled nylon knee-highs with flour and tied off the top.  If the boy didn't have a dark colored shirt we game them one.  (This makes the flour show up better.)  They ran around and whacked each other.  You need a brave crew for this as it did get a bit heated.  The winner had the least amount of flour on them at the end. The last challenge was the "Water Balloon Toss". We found/borrowed men's sweat pants that had elastic on the bottom.  Half the boys put on a pair.  The other half had to toss water balloons and try to get them in the pants.  The winner got the most in.  Then they switched. This was hysterical as some popped and some went down their legs whole.  After we did all this we served the cake. I bought a large bucket from Target and we filled it with cake pieces pudding frosting and crushed oreos.  I served it with a shovel and they did not get utensils so cake was everywhere. We also had ice cream.  For drinks I purchased the small cans of soda which we shook quite a bit before handing them to the boys so they all exploded.(We also had juice.) They all had a few bites and then the food fight started with cake flying everywhere.  We let them use anything they could find (left over watermelon shaving cream spaghetti eggs water balloons mud etc.) and throw it at each other.  We tied an old sheet between two trees and I purchased some fabric balls at the Dollar Tree.  We had bins of paint (mixed with liberal amounts of Dawn as this helps it come off clothing/skin better) and they threw the balls at the sheet and each other. His big sister was attacking them with the hose.  It was crazy.  We took a small break to open presents and then we tallied up the points.  I had a fridge box that I had painted a large clown on with the head cut out.  We filled pie tins with whipped cream. The winner hit my son in the face with a pie!  (He wore the cheap goggles again.)  Then they each took turns standing behind the clown and getting hit with a pie by a friend. We hosed everyone off and gave away beach towels from Target instead of a goodie bag.  Clean up wasn't too bad and the party pictures were amazing. (I uploaded tons of them on photobucket so the families could see them.)  My son sent out thank-you notes with the same pig "Messy" theme.  We're already talking about doing it again next year.  :) "

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