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Angry Birds Party 5yr



August 2012


Beth in Southborough, MA 01772

Honorable Mention


My son has been clamouring for an Angry Bird party since the day after his 4th birthday party.  It's finally on the horizon and here are ideas we have planned:  INVITATION: I took a photo of him in his AB shirt jumping toward me screaming.  I used online photo tool fotoflexer to cut out his image.  I then copied an angry bird image and pasted his image over it at angle.  It looks like he's flying toward the pigs. I added the text, Join Michael for  high flying fun at his Angry Bird Birthday Party!"  On opposite side of invite with details I pasted a pic of the red angry bird onto which I pasted party hat.  DECORATIONS: Using the image I made for the invitation as a poster.  Rest of decorations are completed by using bright red yellow blue and green for the party basics - plates cups tablecloth napkins etc.  These are character colors and at this age there's no need to buy the licensed products (most of which aren't readily available on market yet.)  For balloons I'm printing cutting and pasting the angry bird eyes with eyebrows and small beaks.  I'm attaching with double-sided tape.  ACTIVITIES: Craft - Kids who need some time to warmup when they enter can sit at table and put together their own Angry Birds.  I'm prepainting styrofoam balls red and using glue gun to attach eyes & beaks to paper fasteners. They can stick on eyes and beaks then glue on some feathers and stick in some pipecleaners if they want to add feet.  GAMES:  Angry Birds vs Pigs - Most kids will have green fabric hanging out of their wasteband. They are the green pigs.  My son and daughter will be angry birds who run around pulling out the fabric.  Once your flag is pulled you become an angry bird and also go after the pigs.  Last pig standing is winner.  Switch up who starts as angry birds and start over.  Main Event - We are setting up targets with green water balloons attached with pig faces drawn on them.  We bought a water balloon slingshot from target.  We're rigging it to work better for the kids.  They will be aiming red rubber balls at the targets.  From here activities will depend on crowd mood.  I've found the kids at this age sometimes want to run around without any game or rules.  On other hand sometimes they get bored by that.  It's a small group of kids and often a couple of children can change the group dynamic.  So I allow them to free play but prepare backup games to pull out in case they are restless.  Back up games - Angry bird throwing contest using beanbags water balloon toss using angry bird colors - team that catches and tosses back and forth without breaking the longest wins Relay races passing red balls to partner Angry bird Angry bird Pig (my children love variations of duck duck goose)   PARTY SNACKS: Pizza(You can buy Angry Bird cheezits and graham snacks - but I don't need it for my short party) cupcakes & icecream  CAKE: Cupcakes in red and green.  Red cupcakes will have the angry bird face green will have the pig face.    FAVORS: In keeping with the theme I found Angry Bird activity & coloring books ($1 ea) and Angry Bird gummy fruit.  From there just adding a few fun things from Target clearance to complete the bags.   "

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